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The Odious Construct - Irreversible
Odsłon: 28
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Tekst piosenki:

Living life according to my selfish desires, playing with fire.
Trampling on the weak who cannot stand up to my strength.
What I want, get out of my way, I won't hesitate to annihilate you.
Untouchable, my power is bigger than you, better than you.

Blinded by the image of my arrogant self.
I never imagined the horror upon me which befell.

Looking back on this, what was it I missed?
How could I be so thoughtless?
The pain I have caused, the lives I've destroyed;
the destruction of myself.

Ignorance, your pain is my bliss, I've used you for my benefit.
Said and done, I've ended the only thing in life you love.
Swat the fly on my shoulder, I ignore that I've caused you pain.
This mistake, careless on my behalf, made you retaliate.

As I fell asleep I felt a haunting sense of unease,
that lingered in the dense air, though irrational it seemed.
I awoke in confinement,
my fate sealed within these walls that imprisoned me.

Fifteen years alone,
with nothing but this TV screen for comfort.
Futile plans to escape (they wont let me escape)
Someone will fucking pay.

Finally I am released, waking that strange morning in a field.
Whoever's responsible will suffer my retribution, my fury.
Never could I have known,
the horror that had yet to be shown,
I could have never perceived this putrid reality.
Now it all made sense to me.

What the fuck have I done?
You have entrapped me into doing the unspeakable.
My life is over, the tragedy told,
the damage irreversible.



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"The Odious Construct" - EP 2016

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