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Aren't you tired? I know I am
Do you still want me here in the space between you and your hands?
We shrank the summer down to 24 miles
I can still hear the sound of you laughing all the way down

We built a tower out of water and sand
Make it taller than both of us and we tear it apart with our hands
Look at us, carefree as we destroyed what we made
I love you carefully, and I act like I'm dumb for my age

And I know we're older, she still makes you cry
And just because she told you so, it doesn't mean that she's right
And it still gets ugly, and you still bite your tongue
But you still have more fight in you than you ever really did when you were young

Give it up for Plain Jane, there isn't really much to say
She's faster than a bullet train and what you tell her, she will take to her grave
Can you see the laugh lines? She holds her face in the mirror
She says it like nothing's wrong, but I can hear her disappointment from here

You think you look older, I think you look alive
You were right before, when you told me, "Living takes more than to just survive"
What's a word for lonely that doesn't mean alone?
And what's that thing you told me? Something I would understand when I was grown

I don't know what I heard or what it takes to forgive
You were mad at the whole world, you were angry, I didn't stop when you did
I am building something else, it's not something I will tear down
I will make it myself, and I'm too proud to break that promise

I'd do anything but ask for your help


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Alec Duckart

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Alec Duckart

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End Of The World (2023-11-10)

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2 469 284 tekstów, 31 568 poszukiwanych i 260 oczekujących

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