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Searows - End Of The World

End Of The World

End Of The World

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I'm at the end of the world
Out of asking, out of patience
You know enough of the words
I was angry, you're forgiven

And does it get too hard
Bein' a good person every day of your life?
Does it get boring
Making a living out of the things you like?

Without the rain, you're in a bad mood
Or was it lightning? Or is it the wrong shoes?
And it's okay, I'm grateful to you
For letting me lose

And it's a damn shame, you're good at winning
And I can't handle when the fight runs out
When it's a chapter from the beginning
Crashing a boat into the front of your house
I know you don't like the sound

I ran away to the Golden State
Just to see if I could get back home
I know it's not what you thought I'd say
I'm hardly brave, I know
What-a you say to a brand-new ghost

I saw the end of the world last night
I ran to you
I say your name in the warmest way
I look for you when I do


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Alec Duckart

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Alec Duckart

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End Of The World (2023-11-10)

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2 426 475 tekstów, 31 337 poszukiwanych i 821 oczekujących

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