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Red Cafe - Can You Hear Me?

Can You Hear Me?

Can You Hear Me?

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Can you hear me
Can you hear me running
Can you hear me
Can you hear me running

Look money is the root of all evil
So why I love it so much me of all people
White black rich poor we are all equal
Feet on the gas two hundred when I speed through
Niggas hate errday thank you we need you
Shortest nigga in the picture mad cause we don't see you
I'm about that clouds where u losers is not allowed
You bitches love a nigga cause a nigga well and doubt
You suckers got a bow pay attention
Learn a lesson I'm reapin benefits for things I invest in
Hustlers prefer me, streets deserve me
Top of the moan and whipping the men early
Raised in the hood can escape the drama
Got a few questions I wish I asked Osama
Living in the jungle tryin to beat statistics
Motivate my people we young and gifted
High errday so the sky done kissed it
Approaching my moment seek my pops, missed it
Finin to make you understand a black man's plight
Close your eyes hear my voice late night

[Hook: x2]
Can you hear me comign from the ghetto
Can you hear me running
Tryin to get my nigga out the ghetto
Can you hear me still getting high live
Can you hear me running
By any means, I gotta feed my kids

Money is the root of all evil
That's why everything I buy seems all see through
I was born to win then make it a sequel
I ain't' been to church lately but I need to
Errnite I gets on my knees and I pray
Oh father please help us all see another day
Not sure if I'm Christian, Muslim or Baptist
But I know I'm dedicated to this rap shit
Till I see the casket I ride who wants to
Let biggie and pac know a real nigga comin
Am I Republican am I a democrat
I love money nice and things what's the sin in that
Pop in new guns in new years
Yeah I'm into dat got that white powder frozen call it [?]
Exagerate my neighbourhood
Causing genocide and these are the things that got me certified
I look up in the sky
And ask for forgiveness
I done killed a man and showed him I'm about my business
I would do anything for my family
Shake down bad boy street family is moving

[Hook x2]


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2 425 258 tekstów, 31 327 poszukiwanych i 538 oczekujących

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