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Red Cafe - Wildstyle



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Ayo, what up
This chef boy Izzr, Red Cafe
Shakedown capo
Trackmaster representer
Brooklyn banger, East side rider
And you know I'm here to rattle these niggas waves
They got their shoes off
Trying to surf in my waters, it's not gon' happen
Shakedown, my piranhas is biting

Yeah, ayo
The world's famous, 1-9 hustler
Iron Mike Tyson before he fought Buster
Chef boy Izzr, south beach villa
Shoes off
Thousand foot yacht, have a cruise off
Papi this brick suspect, it's too soft
I need it just as it come
Ma, you like that
Let me show you how it come
I'm a Brooklyn Dodger
Like strippers with names like Sasha
Passion, twist 'em, pass 'em
That's what I call center of attraction
I'm like a Roman king
Right hand got a German Luger, left hand glass of Polar spring
Necklace long like Texas (?)
Slap, that talk, reckless on horns
I'm a trackmaster, track bully
Hoodie and skully, Shakedown nigga get gully
745 on cruise control
7 shot .45 make ya lose ya soul
They got my nigga Shyne locked up
I'm in the street, and I got my shine rocked up
Never know when I might pop up
Any given sunday
I'm "Equilibrium" when it comes to gunplay
Slap game like Joe Pesci
I lay it down flat like a old Pepsi, haha
I'm king of the ice like Gretsky
In the hood, I got greenery and Nestle, bitch
You just scenery, don't stress me
I'm, diggy down with a stack of green
I wanna cut, you wanna Vibe? Get the magazine, ha
Got a Range and got a Chevy
And I sleep with a 007 like Halle Berry
Gas like (?), twist white bitches
With a name like Betty
Hard Rock on the block, sling rock steady
Shakedown bring the nightmares like Freddy
Black machete
Still shine when I turn the lights down like Teddy
Madden '04, you might catch ya boy
When I'm on the (?), you can't catch ya boy
I'm in to win
Cafe got the juice, and it's in the gin
Now I'ma stack this cake like (?)
Bus-a-Bus, what up?
We winning again, I'm the best
No one better, name one
And I'll stab his ass like Jay did Un
Or I might shot a nigga on occasion
I'm the world famous, Hard Rock, real McCoy
Earrings look like Chips Ahoy
Bracelet look like handcuffs
Sprinkled with accumulated dandruff, wow
I break laws, run red lights
Take all bets on Tyson fights
Come on man, I'm a New Yorker
Magician, make a change, (?) ya
Listen, if the kitchen too hot stay the fuck out
Yeah you sold a few units, you (?) out

Ha, I'm here to take niggas day jobs baby
Chef boy Izzr, Red Cafe
Shakedown capo
1-9, throw it up
Brooklyn, throw it up
TM, throw it up
How we do, throw it up, ha
Pimp, pimp, pimp, yeah
Watch how I pimp right here


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Red Cafe

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Red Cafe

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Red Cafe


The Arm & Hammer Man Mixtape

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