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Shad - Yaa I Get It

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Intro: I get it

[Verse 1 - Shad]

Maybe I'm not big because I don't blog or Twitter
Dawg, I'm bitter
I didn't happen on the flop, but I'll win it on the river
Longest winter got me seasoned
Now I'm a non-beginner
Meaning not yet a veteran but nevertheless
Pick the drug or the rapper man I'm better than Meth
Dope as either or Ether: the drug or the Jay diss
I would say dope as reefer but that would be too basic
And overplayed, overslaved won't complain though
The games been good to a youngin' out of London so I'm grateful
Not just for the fundin' or for the fans
But for the chance to say something, it wasn't in the plans at first
It was sad days, halfway to graduation
Cap and black cape making job applications
I hate the catch phrase "Canadian rap sensation"
Shad K don't have chains, big as the Appalachians
But since the label put me out like ash trays to smoke cats
I have gained some accolades and admiration
It's grown since then
Though that second album man was so old-school
Folks called it old Princeton
I'm still penny-pinching though it sold fine
Billfold gon' hold still as pigskin
When it's field goal time, now
That being said it's still 09
And I still got a lot of credit I still owe 9
But they charge no interest, so I pay no interest
Meaning I pay no mind, If there ain't no fine, I'm fine
I hope I ain't boring y'all rappin bout rap
But the only thing I love more then rapping is napping
And I know nobody want to hear me rap about that
You want the underdog spazzing on the track

I get it

[Verse 2 - Shad]

Well my name ain't Lil' Wayne
Gretzky, But y'all know better than to check me
In the game, I hold records like a Technic
Telling referees to peak at the press seats a sec please
I knock you into next week make you get teeth replaced
Can't use plates what you get to eat
Gives new meaning to tube steak
Like watching you breast feed doomsday
Move on these squares like a chesspiece, I'm deadly
Even if you're Supernatural, I'm Craig G
Jesse James meets Jet Li
Killing these fakes at break neck speed
I make your head steam like a pet peeve
Get your neck squeezed till the breath leaves
Got the finesse and the prestige
And more Mac than 10 tech geeks dissing XP
Best in the league of vets like ex-marines highest pedigree
When I get the beat its heredity
Genetic freak poetically
One-ten degree Memphis heat spittin steadily
Medically decapitate this rapper's face
Still won't get a head of me
I'm the best I'll ever be (Yeah!)
The cats out the bag, the new Shad's out
Now they spell it S.H.A.D.D. the way I spaz out
I don't bad mouth but I'll quickly put down the cat if he bit me like
Roy's boy Siegfried, Welcome to the big leagues
Where they pitch heat, still on a hit streak
My rapping's like batting .360
Hey Griffey slow down do something less cerebral
I ain't big enough yet
I gotta keep impressin people
I get it , guess its a lesser evil
Weapons lethal as a Desert Eagle
Now my lethal weapon one [won]
You don't get a sequel

I Get it

[Verse 3 - Shad]

No eviction notice still I'm homeless on a poets mission
Not that I'm a fiend stealing bass like Otis Nixon
Living on the street now I'm living on the road consistent
Making fans multiply like a coefficient
Record sales im making low comission but the visions mine
They don't change my record like pitching a no decision
Guitar playing emcee Yea I'm known for spitting
While I'm tapping on my fender like cars in a slow collision
The precision of my flows in terms of tone and diction
Is akin to that of the old masters of prose and fiction
So many sold their souls, my soul ambitions
To hold solace so calm and bright as a solar system
I'm from a soul tradition; heads think I'm going to prison
Cause I'm talking bout this rap sheet with the most conviction
The most commitment, no other pro is so proficient
The coldest spittin', Rakim north pole edition



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