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L.O.R.E. - Litany IV
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The rain showers overhead. Soaked in warm silver I am sheathed from the terrors beneath. Though my head still bowed in a posture of grief, help me sleep in this new found peace. The thickness in this air gives warning to my lungs of a venomous petrichor. I cradle branches under a wave of perfume and sea smoke. On the circle floor, absorbing life and draining all that lives and hand feeding it death, whom does not forgive. She peels at their flesh, adorned in decor. I find home in my bones washed in the oceans floor. Give praise to the seas waves. Breathe in her eastern pearl shimmer. These lead to the river. Wash your face in her bath of holy glass. Sink in this chamber of silence. Doom petals dance around your weakened cadaver. Trance-like rites, crystal water seeps through lantern light. Elixir sweetened with citrine moon bath, fill me whole and drain this soul, dry. Leaking like caves, the eyes run dry the color of red stones. Such a sleepy weeping willow, what shakes thine heart and crushes the spirit? The black sky howls mothers scriptures. Vengeful and unrelenting. Surround me in your mask of malevolent humid dancing coven chants. Strike them down, with your merciless fury. No care if one lives or dies. Humid silk sheets asphyxiate the taste of blood from Viviane's lustful lips, slaughtered swine kneeled down for divine. Moss overgrown the ancient cobble stone. Blindfold the prisoner, shackle the rose deprived of sunlight.


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Litany of Ruinous Entities

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