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G-Unit - Come Up
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Tekst piosenki:

[Intro: 50 Cent]
I’m that paper chasing, money-making hustler
Nigga, you know how I get down

[Hook: 50 Cent]
Big dreams, big bags of bread
Big money- you fucking with the kid
(Watch a nigga come up)
Inf beams, triple beams it seems
The street niggas know just what I mean
(Watch a nigga come up)
Born hustler; niggas got to get paid
Shit real from the cradle to the grave
(Watch a nigga come up)
Got to get it; we got, got to get it
Got the bread for the hit; nigga, we with it
(Watch a nigga come up)

[Verse 1: Lloyd Banks]
Whenever you should wanna have it, do you need me?
Drug dealer jewellery, standing on 3D
Double my dose - this a lotto high
Check my Vienne here, model cry
My autograph is a dollar sign
This Jamaica stars, cream dreams; my paper large
Had to erase all loss - propellers; I’m taking off
Steaming potent; I’m illegal rowing
My holy flow keep the demons folding
24k - my team is glowing

[Verse 2: Young Buck]
Yeah, step in with my strap on me
Racks on me in this hole-in-the-wall club with 100 packs on me
Got the goons out; you know we don’t do much
Catch you coming out the club if you doing too much
Couple Cubans on my neck, smoking a Cuban on the jet
On my way to collect from niggas that’s losing bets
Joe Pesci, baby; I enforce the rules
Take two’s and tighten up niggas with loose screws

[Bridge: 50 Cent]
Your bitch wanna be my bitch
She saying we friends; I done fucked her again
Now watch a nigga come up; watch a nigga come up
Grinding, diamond shining; drop the climbing and we doing it big
Watch a nigga come up; watch a nigga come up

[Verse 3: Tony Yayo]
Feels like Hawaii going through this car wash
Get the foreign; you know I gotta get the boss
AR green beamer size of Kevin Hart
These 22 Jump Street niggas talk
Watch a nigga come up off this trap phone
Cold jeans hold the coke; five, flex, roam
In the clouds - care less about the chit chatter
Bad bitches don't fuck these SoundCloud rappers

[Verse 4: Kidd Kidd]
One, two, buck 'em out them seven shoes
Pockets full of revenue; kitchen filled of residue
Pitching on the avenue - million dollar attitude
Fuck you; pay me; I don't show gratitude
Told that ho' bring it back; rewind it
Now I got her on my mic beatboxing
Ye ain't gotta look for it; we got it
Get it hard; break it down; cut then rewatch it


[Verse 5: 50 Cent]
I got the kind of success that's hard to measure
Tear the unit apart; put it back together
I'm strong; I ain't mentioning what I'm benching
I'm Merrill Lynching in the mall; I'll blow ya pension
Sharp as a blade, Tom Ford suave
Sneaker collection same color of grenade
Camouflage - damn I'm large; oh God
Aventador Lambo; hop in and just push start
I go 0 to a 100, nigga, real quick
You talk money; I got money; it's real shit
It's independent; now we eating of a big plate
First week I make a million off my mixtape
Hello, you niggas is slow; you gotta catch up
You business savvy; you gotta step up
You new like a ho; I don't understand ya
'Til you eating the cheese, ratting on camera



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50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, Kidd Kidd

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