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G-Unit - Doper Than My Last One
Odsłon: 905
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Tekst piosenki:

[Intro: Lloyd Banks]
Dope-doper than my last one

[Hook: Lloyd Banks]
I roll up 'till the cash come
I'm on my cool shit, new bitch, doper than my last one
Dope-doper than my last one
I got loud in by the bag more potent than the last one
I've been the latest fashion
I've been cold, but my new flow doper than my last one
Dope-doper than my last one, dope-doper than my last one

[Verse 1: Lloyd Banks]
War, spoiled, listen, all my props in order
Take me down, good with old green
He ballin', pocket lawyer new town, now tally more cream
You're a borderline performer nightmares
Mixed with my tall dreams
My songs are like a porno, all I got is my word and my soul
My style a half man, convertible gold
Got bitches jumping off the vertical
Oh, thought I forgot?
You dissed me when I wasn't hot
I guess you miss me now
Bitch, you see me, don't flip your frown
The rich get richer, you skip the needy, they strip you down
Your name graffiti, go get my CD, I'll lift the town
Now probably amazing, ain't no winner promise
Generous summers lead the club with all the strippers on us
How can it be I made a pepper promise
My game a cannon, blow your chick Bahamas
And pet pajamas, time as real as it can get, don't find us
You have official problems
An immediate response to all the shit you hollin'


[Verse 2: Lloyd Banks]
Player blood, freezin', keep my name out trophy season
Fuck is niggas thinking matching me up, won't be even
And I sound like where I'm from, don't gotta freeload off a region
I deebo all the seasons, snakes and leaches only feedin'
Speeding till you crash and burn
Reckless in this white man's world, no blacks concerned
This dose label reality
I'm on the prowl, but get too close taking your battery
Me and my power pen against the world won't rattle me
You been clouded
Thought to gossip me, ain't care about it
I believe the game'll switch to make emcees all fear the profit
Gotta do my own addiction in the V inhaling chocolate
Spit the sickest flow, the inscription clips are hard narcotic
Money standing by the hobbit
We managed, ran back out of product
The hottest topic, killing shit, don't know how to stop it
The pie is lit, you ho for chromo you a Bozo really
Gun sign in your photo like you gon' go nilly



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Autor tekstu:

Lloyd Banks

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Ky Miller

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Lloyd Banks


The Beast Is G-Unit

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