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The Beast of Nod - Cephalopod of Doom

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From the dark depths he has risen

Sentience and power given

The cephalopod of doom lived here
Isolation caused his mind to tear
Chaos gave means to end all fear
Hell bent on death he was despair

Accept the mission go after it
Kill the occupants learn the ship
Repair the damage go past orbit

Now the time has come to prepare for your voyage
And travel past the stars far into the galaxy
All to find the adopted planet of the squirrel
Kill all lifeforms step towards ataraxy
Then you’ll bring him quarrel
You’ll bring him to his knees
You’ll end all worlds
Bring forth the end of all

The planet’s ahead as planned
And fake credentials scanned successfully
We are all alone together
Just me and my bomb
It’s a shame we have to part here
But I know you’ll end things dreadfully
And I know they’ll be gone

End all life
Now on to
The Death Machine

Battle ensues

He has lost, he’s been defeated
Mission failure, half completed
Final thoughts, a message sent
To resurrect and bring lament

Through space and time she heard
His message and she has come for him

She resurrects him and gives him
More power than he could ever dream of
Vampira has her own plan and reason
Together they could end all life
And destroy the universe’s cohesion

Their campaign has begun
Death and destruction to all


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The Beast of Nod



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1 988 931 tekstów, 18 204 poszukiwanych i 274 oczekujących

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