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The Dark Horde - Awakening

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It is now five years later and things are no different.
They are like a long-lost family to me, now welcome into my home.
For only they truly understand me, only they truly care.

You will not understand why I must do this and why,
Once this act is completed, I must await my death, but it makes no difference.

If I wasn't their channel, it inevitably would have been another.
If it wasn't my past life, it inevitably would have been someone else's.
But it was mine, so how can I prevent something
That was determined before I was even born?

(solo: logan)

It is utterly useless to try to stop them.
Their age is limitless, as is their knowledge and power.
We are to them as ants on the earth:
An organised society that adapts and multiplies,
But does not know of the world around it.

We are not the most advanced creature in the universe,
Even on our own planet. Nor are we blessed or special in any way.
And just as other species succumbed to our dominance,
So shall we succumb to others…

(solo: hanny)

And now as I sit here making this recording of my final words,
I know that I can restrain them no longer.
Consciousness is fading now, the lights grow dim and my voice faint.
They are so close… calling… calling… calling…

Come dark horde remember your journey with me
A journey of spirals, turning to infinity
Spiralling through all that was and ever will be
Come dark horde remember, as one are we

Great is your power, great was your reign
Great is your age, yet great is your pain
Held in contempt and abandoned in shame
Hunted and tortured and put to the flame

But no more shall this be, I release you to create
All paths are open now, you are free to control your fate
To inherit the earth, to inherit eternity
Come dark horde remember and once more be!

I am darkness, I am death.
I am light, I am the breath.
I am creation, all possibility.
I am destruction… entropy.
I am your enemy, your darker twin,
The voice of evil, calling from within.
But I am outcast, I am hated.
Alone I have suffered, but I have waited.
Until the time of my return,
To claim what is mine, the world to burn.

I bring you misery, insanity and rage.
I herald the beginning of a new dark age.
You cannot resist me, for you are only man.
You cannot defeat me, nor understand.
On winds of revenge, my spirit flies free,
Merciless my power to destroy all that be.
Every barrier broken, every chain, every ward,
Now feel the fury of the dark horde.

(solo: logan/hanny)

We are as one, as many are we
Become one, once more be
We are as one, as many are we
Become one, once more be
We are as one, as many are we
Become one, once more be
We are as one, as many are we
Become one, once more be…

(continued in the horror novel the dark horde by brewin)
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The Dark Horde


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