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The Dark Horde - Rebirth

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Murmurs in the gloom, red eyes flicker.
Figures wait, groans resonate.
A stench stifles the smell of blood.
Claws scrape stone: restless, eager.

Torches burst aflame, revealing the chamber
Endless in size: demons beyond number
As one unholy mass, they begin to moan
And cast their gaze to that central stone

A bloody pillar, graced with barbed spikes
Dominates the altar where the elders stand
Gathered round their leader, the venomed one
Deadly his strike, fearsome his might

Impaled before it humans in torment
Lifeless but living, minds blank with terror
Unabated their eyes and wounds weep
As the pillar twitches: a restless sleep
Victims held helpless, awaiting their fate
Victims to be consumed and reborn

The venomed one roars, the pillar awakes
Glowing and pulsing with corruption
Purple ichor leaks from its sides
Hardening to form a hellish candle

Victims can only watch, horror growing
The venomed one approach to kill

The evil chorus rises in unison
Reaching its peak – the time has come

You are chosen as my first
Feel my fury, satisfy my thirst
Feel my grip around your heart
Watch as you die - ripped apart

Now see this heart beating in time
With the pillar, their souls entwined
I offer to you the infinite ones
This fresh kill, us to become

With each kill the pillar beats faster
As its fluids erupt over the stage
The venomed one gathers the ichor
And moulds for each victim a dark new heart

The elders receive the beating transplants
And place them in the chests of the dead
Chanting to awaken the dark within
So invoking a new life to begin

I've seen our past and I've seen their future.
I've seen their rituals and I've seen our slaughter…
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