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Molly Brazy - Letter To Roc

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Uh-huh, yeah
Free Roc
Uh-huh, yo

What up Roc, man you the realest, always told me go get it
My brother, my everything, been solid since the beginning
Then you got that sentence, I'll never forget it
Shortly after I got the feeling that this might be the ending
Everything mama said, man that shit started clicking
You didn't listen, who am I kidding, I wish we both paid attention
Nah 'cause you was chasing money, fuckin' with them bad bitches
Remember the get away, hoppin' all on fuckin' fences
Now I'm shooting plays alone 'cause I ain't runnin' with no snitches
Niggas really bitches, but that's something I won't mention
Knock the time out, you gon' be home in a minute
Want to talk to you every day, man I can't do this long distance
Listen but you is my baby and I miss your ass like crazy
You be on my mind daily, I be prayin' lord save me
Fucked me up when they told me I can't see you 'til my eighteenth
Now I'm loading the draco, blowin' woods, fuckin' brazy
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2 014 954 tekstów, 18 318 poszukiwanych i 416 oczekujących

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