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Infant Annihilator - The Battle of Yaldabaoth

The Battle of Yaldabaoth

The Battle of Yaldabaoth

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The battle had barely begun before bodies, like mountains, piled up toward the sun
Blood flows like a flood, crimson mud washes over the land where civilization once stood

All the while, the war rages on
The weak fall quickly to the mighty and strong
And they wail as they fail to withstand the cataclysmic defeat that has been brought upon

Fantasized genocide
Imperial subdivide
Humanoid pesticide
Indiscriminate fratricide

A war of filth and harrowed souls
With none left living once the battle unfolds
The trees only allow a peak of light
A glimmer of hope

"Rip them limb from limb from limb
Burn their bodies and char the skin
Crush their bones into dust and feed the wind
Eat their hearts with a threatening grin"

All the while, the war rages on
Many have died and now all hope has gone
The wounded cry and try to escape the never ending slaughter that has just begun
As the warriors erase the fiends unclean
The King sits in his dwindling throne
His mind is filled with only loathing and woe
And with open eyes, he's paralyzed
His gaze fixed upon the legions of heretics
Demoralized, rivers of atrocities, miles of monstrosities
A grim stream of desolation and misery

May the hopeless sing through their journey to the damned
And deep underneath the flourishing life lies death

The roots entwined in the rotting, the warriors of primal supremacy
Prostitutes of war decaying in the dirt for all eternity

Feeding the pines, the valley of swine slaughtered for their faith

The horns sound once more in the deep
Drums in the deep

"Hell upon Hell, death beyond reach
All howling voids and torment beneath
Swallow me, please, and let me sleep
Though I know the dark is swarming with teeth"


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2 479 298 tekstów, 31 594 poszukiwanych i 227 oczekujących

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