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H - Betterdreams

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Leo drives his Mustang along ocean BoulevardHe works
hard for his moneySpent it all on his carRents a one-room
apartment that no one's ever seenBut he makes love
on the back seatTo the girl of his dreamsShe wears
high heels and lycraShows off her curvesShe did aerobics
and surgeryKeep 'em well preservedShe thinks,
this guy, LeoSeems like he's got it allHe's got a job
in the businessHe says he'll make a few callsHe's got
friends in high placesAll he has to do is phoneShe
bites her lips as he takes herHe makes love like he's
aloneBreak the bad news to the angel in the morningHe
takes the car to the car washWhen the shine goes awayHe
leaves her smudge-eyed and strandedIt's a beautiful
day....There's a man in the valleyHe met on Ocean WayHe's
got everything Leo dreamsHe's got a yacht in the bayLeo
drives down to see himWith an idea or two'Could make
him big in the businessTurn the lies into truthsBut
the car don't mean nothinCause the man's worldly wiseHe
sees the white teeth and the sun tanWith nobody insideI'm
a guest of this cityI'm by the pool on the roofPoolside
is prettyYou can feel the earth move.
..This is a town full of LeosThe sun shines on the
carsAnd the buses of tourists do the homes of the stars'Hotel
California' goes around in my headAnd the folks who
are loaded keep a gun by the bedBut you can't help
but notice....The poor wind up dead.
And the kids on the east side watch the cars going
byThey never could have if they worked all their livesTake
a gun and go shoppingTake a drug for the painAnd the
pain goes awayIt's a beautiful dayGod bless these star-worn
streetsShine on these perfect daysStretch out on Venice
BeachCan we dream better dreams than these?..


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1 783 387 tekstów, 18 069 poszukiwanych i 802 oczekujących

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