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E-40 - Attention (feat. Dru Down, Suga Free & Stompdown)
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You got to pay me hoe, or pay me no (attention)
Got to pay me hoe, got to bring me back ma doe
Got to pay me hoe (pay me),(pay-ay-ay me) got to bring me back ma doe

[Verse 1]
I got a million dollar mouthpiece, she got a million dollar vaginal
I thro a bitch up in d sky, and break her befo’ she hit d gravel
I got a vocal boot you Tobi off this landi
Turn a ugly bitch into a bad bitch, put a wig on a chimpanzee
They call me cinnabust, and a snow bunny just like a chuck
Camillian I’m all a that, a pimp-filled dope wagon
I’m bout ma arithmetic, bitch any back talk is prohibited
If you know, me you owe me
I ain’t takin it from her, she givin me
Her coochie canal is limited, unlimited dicks in it
I set the bitch up in a her incol, now she’s finna do tricks in it
Alot a ma niggas guerilla pimps, alot a ma niggas not
Alot a ma niggas is tennis shoe pimps, alot a them wear their trot
She’s like a volleyball to a straw, ain’t that some shit
She threw a party in her jaw and sucked the skin off a dick
Tell me this uh
One more thing that I forgot to mention, got to pay me hoe or pay me no


[Verse 2]
You got to pay me, or pay me no (attention)
See I’m a gouda collector, better respect me bitches
Get it, get us and get wit it, we’re paper chasers
I give the nigga d business if he a playa hater
Give my hoes the rules they can’t breathe square
Stay off em bitches like heels I don’t play fair
It’s a horse race and got dem girl braids
Have em runnin d track,birdman hella bread
Get it, yea I’m eatin that hella bread
I get dat doe out a hoe, cause she be servin head
Hangin that ass in a snatch, and bring it back to a pimp that want what a
I’m in they head, I’m beatin they ear drum
Super good drummer, jus like yo mama Ima fuck her
Get it, yea, I’m a mothafucker
I don’t wiggle ma hips fo no chips, amma pimp bitch


[Verse 3]
Hey dippin young, that’s where Brenda stay
You know the bitch with the brother with the keloid on his hairy leg
Like one o dose brown leather hearin aids
She hear the peanuts stay cause she so happy hoe I do this bitch very good at it too
Try an catch me though
I knock em an shake em, I never cop an lock, for what?
That’s fo niggas wit GED’s, that play with they life an stuff
And many are called upon but only few of us are chosen
From a playa to a pimp to a Mac to a king coaster
I never touch em because they dates be doin all that
I know you wanna slap yoself silly sometimes, you dirty rat
My game tight, not so fast mayne
She didn’t have time to think an put her down the same night
The game has been good to me cause I’ve been good to the game
I woke up in the mornin with nothin, go to sleep with e’rthang
Mr suga freezer, tellin you mayne
I know you couldn’t send a signal from a remote control to a TV


Pay my pimpin bitch, or pay me no attention
Sexy philly wa niche wit a cock sized shitty
Tightly slendered eyes, groovy than the nitty gritty
Stope Down, E-40, Drew Down, Suga Free
All us on the same mothafuckin CD
That’s what you call, a pimp analogy ostradamus
We good bitch
Pay me hoe, or pay me no attention


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