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Yelawolf - That's What We On Now

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[Intro: Yelawolf]
Thanks man... yeah
So you might see me with a, '87, rusty
I've been on that but uhh
You need to get on that
Holler at'cha mayne

Still throwin beer cans in the gutter mayne
Flick a Parliament, hubcap ornament
Deer head on the wall, it's a Bubba thang
Not Sparxxx but I'm sparkin a Parliament
Again I'm a chain smoker, stoked to the flame poker I'm hot
Keep the party goin, don't stop
New shoes, thifty Bill Cosby sweater
Drinkin out the keg, no Greek frat letters
Bumpin Skinny Pimp, Petty and Eddie Vedder
Ain't no Eddie Bauer, no scary cowards, you better
check the Y-E-L-A-W-O-L-F
Buddy I'm in your ashtray like a toenail clip
Flick-flick the cherry, don't ash on my sofa
I'm on some new mobile home shit, come on over
Keep heavy metal like a ton of boulders
Check out my donk, it's dirty brown; I know it's dirty brown, why?

[Chorus: Yelawolf] + (Shawty Fatt)
(That's, what, we, on, now) Yeah, holler
I got, 20 bucks and I don't give a fuck
A pretty country girl in a pickup truck, yeah
(That's, what, we, on, now) Dollaratchee, yeah
When the sticks meet the bricks
You gon' all of my people up in that bitch, like
(That's, what, we, on, now) 20 bucks and I don't give a fuck, yeah
(That's, what, we, on, now) A country girl in a pickup truck, yeah
(That's, what, we, on, now) When the sticks meet the bricks
(That's, what, we, on, now) All of my people up in this bitch, bitch

Lemonade is made from lemons, hey
Then I'ma make fine china from a paper plate
I'ma dip low, like paper planes
In A Chevrolet, like it's a major thang
Signed a major deal, what a major pain
They gave me a budget, I bought a bicycle frame
I rode that bitch around Walnut Park
Put a stack in my pocket and I blew it at Walmart
Bought a jacket, a pistol and a packet of blow darts
If you +Inter+ my +Scope+ you're gonna need a strong heart
Strong art, the heart of Dixie got history
You sittin on 32's, we sittin on 60's
Mud tires and barbed wires, you drive for hours
You won't see nothin but pine trees and wild fires
And BOOM! Out pops a B-boy
The mossy oak is dirty brown; I know it's dirty brown, why?


Jimmy crack corn, then he threw a bar stool
Mother Goose broke her wing and still flew the coop
She gave Jimmy 20 bucks and threw him the deuce
Left Jimmy on a string like a loose tooth
See these the type of people that I'm used to
Hard knock country boys, fuck a new suit
Fuck a new coupe when you need a new roof
Give me the whole steak from the rooter to the toot
Give me the ruler too, measure it up
There's good money in a Pyrex measurin cup
Ricky Bobby's on the corner, he's tearin it up
If he don't slow down, he'll be wearin a crutch
Ricky needs to take it to the highway
But you can't tell him shit, cause it's Friday
Ricky's got a needle, that's how it's goin down?
He looked at me and said, "That's what I'm on now"



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