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Yelawolf - Catfish Billy

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Pa said he's got a lot of things to do
Like what?
Doesn't matter, I don't want Pa to skin me alive like he's gonna do to you if he finds out
Pa said not to bother him. And if he's not gonna be home, how can I bother him?
It'd be better if you just forget about it
Well I'm going to do it, and I'm gonna take Jack with me, cause Pa didn't say anything to him

Way down this country road in a holler
Where they make that moonshine still
There's an old man on the porch on a shack
And the shack is where he lives
Round the town they call him Pa
It's Pa from on the hill
And every time Pa does slay a hog
You can hear that hoggy squeal

[Verse 1]
I’m from the belly of the Bible Belt
That motherfuckin' preacher daughter's son
Where you can't find no woman, no man
No cousin, no friend without a gun
Alabama, that is my home
But the trailer park has got my heart
Off in the hood, I'm at home
When I play in the woods after dark
You won't find me sober much
Always got the bottle of Jacky O
I take my sips, I talk my shit
And I fight anybody that wants to go
Tall and slim, walk with a limp
Cause my nuts are oversized
Fuck your dope and your alcohol
Because your shit is overpriced
Hit the bootleg 24 before I'm 21, math'matics
Going to jail cause I'm drunk at Piggly Wiggly, dagnabbit
Cause I be here and I do my time
Cause I can't make bail on minimum wage
Nothing to do in the country but get drunk
And watch that pendulum sway

Back in the saddle again
Throw my middle finger up to the law
I ain't gotta rob nobody tonight
But I might do it just because
I'm a nut, I get bored
Did some pills, but I want more
Fuck this world, fuck this town
If I fuck you once, I fuck you sore
Fuck, fuck, fuck, shit, goddamn
Pussy cunt, bitch suck a cock
If you want some of this rock-and-roll
Take this pipe, suck this rock
Where's the fire, Super-Hot
Clean em' up, grab a mop
Catfish on my shit
Fuck with me, you gonna get dropped

Catfish Billy, Catfish Billy, yea, yea
Catfish Billy, Catfish Billy, yea, yea
Catfish Billy, Catfish Billy, yea, yea
Catfish Billy, Catfish Billy

[Verse 2]
You don't want it with me, motherfucker
I promise I'll put you with the piranhas
Inside of a shallow swamp
And then make you follow a boat full of drinking-water
And sing to you lullabies
While I sip on Coronas under umbrellas
Got a propeller
Sharp enough to eat thru a two-footed root of a tree
If it's under me, then it's cool
I keep movin'
So why do you think a fuckin' hater
Would lay a log in front of my boat
And put a stop to what I do? Buddy, whatever
When I get up in the morning I think about
When it's all over they can put my body up in the river
With everything I did for the culture inside of a book
And light a candle for my mama
Who got sick from the fucking fame
Media will follow me to the end of the river
While the people around my body deliver
Rhythms and syllables relevant of my scripture
I'm a sick son of a bitch, do you get the picture?

My fucking name is
Really, though...



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