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$uicideboy$ - Planting The Roots Only To Fall Out The Tree

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i keep on strolling with no control of my thoughts of life
seems like my home has become something i can't recognize
doubters turn to believers, but fuck i'm not surprised
i miss my cousin so much, yet he's still by my side
crazy how friends switch it
asking how they can get a picture
what happened to what's up homie?
how you doing?
goddamn i miss you
don't want to be no where else
so i'm making myself create this hell in the place i dwell
stuck in an open cell
take me back before the levees fell


yeah, i be that 7th ward lord with them devil horns
born and raised in the waves of the storm
the flood has left me wet and torn
the garden of eden destroyed by babylon demons
they poured the chlorine with no warning
petals on the floor freezing
a world once unexplored
i think i'm marco polo covered in thorns
set my compass to avoid tethered forms
new orleans is war torn i ain't betting scores
and all of my friends are now whores
and i'm bored of all the replication of the life i once lived in the city i once adored
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2 112 407 tekstów, 19 636 poszukiwanych i 396 oczekujących

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