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T-Bone - Raised In Harlem
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Jairus (T-Bone):
My people telling me that you the man
That can heal the sick with ya healin' hand
Demand sickness to scram
and got power like superman

Command the winds to cease
Even teach the priest and walk on water - if this true
Then I got the faith that you can heal my daughter

I'm down on my knees - beggin' ya please
I need a blessing - I'm tired of stressing
Besides my daughter's just an adolescent

I was raised - Raised in Harlem

My baby's dying in the street bleeding
Barely breathin' - about to die, Hero
Caught up - sot up over these drugs
By some thugs, Hero

I know I'm just a chronic breathin' heathen
That's thievin', grievin' and fendin' for
My daughter's healin'
But I'm still believin'
That you can find it in your heart
To help a man like me - heal my baby
And take away her pain and this misery

I was raised - Raised in Harlem

I'm pleadin' Hero, Just say a prayer she'll be O.K.
I know that if you come and just say the word to my daughter
You'll take all the suffering away
Just come and touch her and hug her
I know that she'll recover
Me and her mother love her like crazy
'Cuz we got no other

Please Hero, place your hands on her forehead
Just say the word
And raise my baby daughter from the dead
Raised - Raised in Harlem

Jairus' Wife (Nirva):
What's this man got to offer?
I sent you to fetch a doctor
You're too late - she's gone hereafter
Our daughter's a drive-by disaster
Just another wasted victim
A little teenaged girl who was Raised in Harlem

Jairus (T-Bone):
Nah, it can't be, man. It just can't be, Y'all
Ain't nobody dyin', Mammie, so stop the cryin'
Cuz she 'fi'n to live
This is Hero, the man who came to heal our baby kid
Just have the faith and believe that he can fulfill all our needs
Heed, him indeed - He's the one who can heal our dyin' seed
I got the faith and trust that he can save
Our baby Darlin'
From Cali to Harlem
His healin' stats are flawless and startlin'
I was raised - Raised in Harlem

(Repeat Chorus)

Hero (Tait):
(whispered) I need you, God
I know your heart is breaking
But this girl is only sleeping
If you'll just give us both a minute or two

Oh, yeah, they laugh instead of believing
They think I've lost my reason
But don't fear what you can't see or do
You just gotta believe - oh, just believe

Jairus (T-Bone):
(Repeat Chorus)
Do it, Hero
I know that you can heal her, my Hero
Just do it, Hero
I know that you can heal her, my Hero
Do it, Hero
I know that you can heal her, my Hero
Touch her, Hero
I know that your hands can heal her, Hero

Raised - Raised in Harlem
You know I was
Raised - Raised in Harlem
Raised in the City, 'Jus
Raised - Raised in Harlem
Yeah - yeah, my baby was
Raised - Raised in Harlem
Raised in the city of Harlem, ya'll


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1 715 051 tekstów, 18 093 poszukiwanych i 747 oczekujących

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