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Red Cafe - Heart & Soul

Heart & Soul

Heart & Soul

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Heart & soul of new york city (2)
buck town buck town
new york giant dance when i touchdown
subway killa call her for her name
study right under the king from saint james
birth place of the cough of a lung
big homie died turned errbody young
new school of course i do my thing thou
with my rock box in the black tango
new air forces or the chuck cheese
tuck jewelries layin on the white tee
fools got me tangle let me find out
put a prime on that straighten it right out
only city you could sell knicks
get your bell rock from JT smith
and learn somethin from a south bronx teacher
its all sell pies not raise pizzas


I walk the walk name ring-bell from da south to north
wut else... that's how i do... i'm da "heart & soul of new york cityyy"
fresh to death arm n hammer piece lay across the chest
wut else... till im laid to rest i'm the "heart n soul of new york cityyyy"

been a few year threw the coke away
now days you can find me round Loso's way
ya beat don't rock you too smooth
more than likely they gon reminisce over you
R A W nuthin here soft
dirty black trunk spite air off
all for one we all steam riffa
patch over the eye Mona Mona Lisa
erry sunday i see the black moon
the bad boy locked up comin back soon
for ever im gangsta rappin that's that
cause when them boy rap gangsta they like that
8 million stories still hear truth
this where they buried cannabis in the booth
10k on they conseline
10k rockin that yankee sign


the bridge the bridge the bridge
new york jets love where i live
ride ruff stand up to them guns
but don't wanna do that without a big Pun
foreigner tryin to crush our buildings
with 2 quarters in a dream make millions
real recognize real from the face down
around these parks it's a shake down
if murder was the case
hopefully we aint out murderin the race with a hot waste
i hate to sing illustrate glues
follow the leader of the new school


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