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Looptroop - Feel So Good
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Tekst piosenki:

I spit it on tours/ Stick to the cause
Promoters, take me to court
Fuck you thought, Västerås up in this taking no shorts
You know the voices Yours truly of course
Big to'em pull it up pull it back to nick once more
Promoe the mad rappers slash
show me the cash
Show yo ass put in a black plastic bag
picture this imagine that
Man I'm exquisite when I visit your shiznit
Looptroop drug business elicit, man listen!
I'm fixing your misses, some physical fitness
to the competition of R-Kelly pissing on bitches
No I don't compete I come preach at your funeral service
where you girls seems like, you never heard it, she sings:

You make me feel so good (I want some more)
You make me feel so good (with the things you do)
I never no that I could (I never know)
Never feel so good

Now what you want, take us out?
Think again, Yo we're out
Before you know, on the roll
To the next fucking show.
Yo that's how we go, that's how the troop like to roll
Steal everything from the grocery store
So what you fools gonna do to us
None, cause I know that your whole crew sucks
And every time that we rock it on the stage be amazed
Saw your hate but it's cool cause the troop take the blame
Jao anyway anyhow we're a threat to your town
Lets go pass the fuel burn it down
But 'nough of that it's time for some love
Cause this next one here is straight to my girl, and it goes
(you make me feel so good)

Yo I cut straight to the chase
Say it straight to your face
Problem? It ain't mine, see I make no mistakes
'N what's the point in making you wait
I skip the first four bars and brake you with eight
You think I like rap? shit, I'm dying to quit
Retire and sit back firing spliffs
Layback reclined in your crib
Chilling just sipping wine with your bitch
Chief redeye I get mind in your fridge
Chilling now back spending time with your kids
Look at me man I'm the obvious choice
That's why little miss Suze at the top of her voice singing

You make me feel so good (yeah baby right there)
You make me feel so good (Got damn hot)
I never no that I could (here it comes. Oooo)
Never feel so good

Yo, Lady just listen I need your assistance
I gotta keep distance
Believe me I'm trying but anytime we kick it
Every time I'm tripping
Falling in love, slipping into your smile (darling)
I can't forget how we laughed how we sexed
But he ain't ready yet so don't tell him I'll
Break the news
Got to accept that he's losing respect
And they need to get checked
So my crew gon' shake them fools business is blooming
While their shit is ruin
Clouds straight above them still claiming he king
So we need to address spit somethin impressive
Teach him a lesson I love when you sing to me.
(you make me feel so good)

The rubbish people talking its filling my ears
With shit I don't hear but to ear and to clear up and clean up my castle
With no bleeding hassle
Catch me kicking my feet up and peeling apples
The hope on the wax is you falling backwards
Tumbling down into deep holes of blackness
That just the way the wind blows
We stackin' on rappers like cinnamon rolls
And the looptroop and timbuk and chords rock it on
So grab your genitals and buff along
?? ?? punani buffet
every show every day we here all them girls say

You make me feel so good (Ooh shit please)
You make me feel so good (Come home with me)
I never no that I could (And maybe we)
Never feel so good (Will get that sleep)


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