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Earl Sweatshirt - Whole World ft. Maxo

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[Intro: Maxo]
Uh, uh
Uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh, uh

[Verse 1: Maxo]
Runnin' after shit, I think I want to double back
Devil hittin' my peripherals, ton laughin' (Yeah)
Goin' off of what I know and wanna see from that
Growin' up I know I changed, know that things happen
Look a man in his face
Dreads in the way and on his chains
Gold writing in a day, forgot his name
But he told me, "Never change," we parted ways (Uh, uh)
I had to face what the man in the mirror said
Grew complacent with the human that I was
Angels sittin' on my dome, had to recognize
All the feelings I disguised, just dead when I bleed
Eyes to my feet, can't stand what I see

[Break: Maxo, Earl Sweatshirt]
World 'round me steady crumblin' (Crumblin')
World 'round me
World 'round me (Steady)
World 'round (Me)

[Verse 2: Earl Sweatshirt]
Made a home outta house, lotta closet room
Bones stackin' like dominoes
Catacombs, after the glow, the battle carrion
Get all that malice out your soul, the efficacy strong
I finish what I start, the funeral was hella long
I fell asleep, the effigy was short
My effervescence lost, but not entirely, I shrug the venom off
Kept a tiny piece for times we in a war
I like to think of life as deep, chilly water (Water)
We in it, feelin' warm, swimmin' upstream
Fuck is niggas on?
Icicles hangin' in my heart, cagey as strays
Stay away, I hate to say they made me a dog
Anxious, movin' at a pallbearer's pace
My family flanked me in the rain
Enemy of the state, fuck a allegation
Caskets and cradles to the grave and back again
Thanks to the source of the creation
A match affixed like a batch of fresh lemonade
They still couldn't fade us
How much shrapnel can your soul take?
The visions wasn't shabby at an angle
A phantom face in the hallway, carnations
Angels, aura coordinated with the fifth to the floor
Let's go half on a baby, I'm just playin', of course
I'm just sayin', maybe, later on? (Maybe)

[Outro: Maxo]
I got the, whole world 'round me
Whole world 'round me crumblin' in my vision
Whole world 'round me
I got the whole world 'round me crumblin'
I just standin' in my pivot (Whole world)
Whole world round me
Whole world round me
Whole world 'round (Whole world 'round me crumblin')


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Earl Sweatshirt, Maxo

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The Alchemist

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1 990 393 tekstów, 18 215 poszukiwanych i 379 oczekujących

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