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$uicideboy$ - The Number You Have Dialed is Not in Service

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[VERSE I: Raindrop Walka]
I'm falling apart
You mighta thought i was playing a part in the art i've created but most of the words reflect what's happened or what is waiting to start happening
I keep on damaging myself
Tryna fill the void with all this water round my neck
I'm bout to drip until i drown
All these drugs up in my nose
I taste the drip that shit's so sour
All these cars that i bought either don't start or got impounded
Pursued the american dream
The nightmare's what i doubted
Catch a flight to london or i'll catch i flight to lyon
Show my face in public
Show another one at home
See my name on the marquee
Letters falling down
Littering a cold dark street somewhere downtown
As soon as i reached cloud 9 it started storming
Heavy thunderstorms in every city that i'm touring
Life ain't like a rap video
That's just a warning
Hoping to see the sun when i wake up in the morning

[VERSE II: Hearse Boy]
All this misery, misery, misery
Look at my history
No mystery where I might end up
Just shut up
Don't wanna hear it
It's my decision
May be my last words so just please listen
So long
It's been torture being here
So gone
Getting high been how I cope with fear
Same song
And I'm sick of singing it
Let me move on
It's for my benefit but come one come all to my down fall
Bear witness to everything that I can't solve
My therapist made me promise before I end it all
That her phone would be the one I choose to call crying asking
Is it really worth it?
What's beneath the surface or behind the curtain
Really don't think I wanna take this any further
Made one last attempt to figure out my purpose
I called her phone it said..

[OUTRO: Raindrop Walka & Hearse Boy]
When life gets hard keep on marching on
Even if the finish line is far or you have to push the car
Keep on marching on
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Budd Dwyer

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Long Term Effects of SUFFERING

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2 204 422 tekstów, 21 733 poszukiwanych i 428 oczekujących

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