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Yelawolf - In This World ft. Eminem

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In this world!

[Intro: Yelawolf] + (Eminem)
Yeah, aight Marshall
Uhh (so I think you need to tell 'em)
Uhh, who am I?
(And now you need to bring 'em into this world~!)

[Chorus: Yelawolf]
It's gettin hard to be me
Everywhere I go somebody's lookin at me
And if I ever need somethin I'ma get it for myself
Cause I'm the only person thinkin 'bout me (in this world)
It's gettin hard to be me
Everywhere I go somebody's lookin at me
And if you gon' compare me at all best compare me to myself
Cause I'm the only person fuckin with me (in this world)

In this world of sticks, hicks and chicks with Aqua Net spray
Sh-sh-shhhh, shut up motherfucker don't disrespect these country ways
Yeah, Alabama if y'ain't know
I ain't hidin a damn thing, I just like to lean low
Yeah I'm the theme show, stereotypical beanpole
Slim, tall, tatted, let me add that I got a green glow
from all the Mountain Dew that I consume
From a mason jar, in a racin car, chase it with a tall ice brew
Let me not leave you confused what I represent culturally
Trash bag full of Freon, I'm huffin puffin on potpourri
That gummo's squeaky, swingin gate in front of that trap house
Trailer park is sewed up, and Billy done pulled that 'llac out (in this world)


Wonder what I got inside this Chevrolet trunk, I'm hidin
about ten bodies on a fishin line with, baby clothes on consignment
Came to the game so broke that I still find $1 bills and get a thrill
That's the kind of shit that leaves my pickle dill'd
Side of a single wide got icicles still, too cold
Got a kerosene heater to heat up the grill, meatloaf?
Daddy's in jail again for shufflin pills, we know
Man I've only come to give you a peep show (in this world)
I run across the South like a wild stream, smiling
I've seen more colorful mushrooms than a child's dream
On an island, desolate, left behind cause my state's a state of crime
God said, 1979, go change the minds (in this world)


Yelawolf, hi my name is
President O-bama, I'm so shameless
I'm takin it all, so what am I sayin?
I'm the voice of every small town (in this world)
Like a light and a pipe with a mic and take flight in this life
What a sight, put a vice grip, lock on my right to fight
Despite the way you may feel about sights and sounds that I might
put down about prices found on a sack of that white
Heaven is a place in a 7/11, I can never get away from hell
Found hell in the Bible Belt and found love in a 6-pack on the shelf
Went to the seashore to see more but Leroy didn't seem sure to me
So I took Leroy to Alabama, he bought the hat, and bought the tee
Coverted him y'all, I gave him convertible thoughts
When he saw that big buck hangin on the wall
Yeah, I'm off by a millimeter, I'm on by a million light years and two liters
A pint of moonshine; I ride a two-seater so take a ride (in this world)



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