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Blondie - Oasis



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How many times have you heard
How many times did you say
I think I'm going crazy
You're driving me out of my mind
We know it's just an expression
A silly little phrase
Not the doorbell
Not a bird call
Koo koo
How do you drive someone crazy
To where he won't find a car
Maybe we'll find a road map
I'm sure it's not very far
We know it's not of this earth
We take it all in fun
And so the ding dong
Do you play ping pong
Would you
Trying to get your attention
Did someone say earth calling you
Don't say you don't ever mention
You're hearing more voices than two
Roasted or raw delicious
freeze-dried and salted divine
Was that a
Are you a
Are you
Storms have rearranged the sand
Millions of years up to now
Crusaders on a never ending search
Die for a never ending thirst
What a fine performance oasis
Well worth the standing of nations
Not a mirage
Not camouflaged
To you


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2 469 249 tekstów, 31 567 poszukiwanych i 249 oczekujących

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