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Yung Pinch - Man In The Mirror
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Tekst piosenki:

Glad to be here
I'm just glad to be here
Yeah yeah

No one can judge me except the man in the mirror (In the mirror)
Still hating on me check the man in the mirror (shit)
I'm just glad to be here (yeah)
I'm just glad to be here
A kid done turned into a man in a year (in a year)
They see me come up now they mad that I'm here (aye)
I'm just glad to be here (yeah)
I'm just glad to be here (Yeah Yeah)

Go get your money don't let no one interfere (no one)
Don't trust nobody you can't trust when you not there
All your guap gon' dissapear
And the one chick that you love might just go and have an affair
You ain't ready ain't no way you can prepare (ain't no way)
This shit get messy when she gone and you not there (you not there)
Shawty drop it low
She a undercover lover girl, thought that was your hoe (oh uoo)
It make you sad it make you mad but it can't show (it can't show)
She been around you know her past she been a hoe (she been a hoe)
Now she out here on the low (yeah)
Thought that was your best friend she's leaving with my bro (oh uoo)
I'm just tryna play my role I hope they know
Forever youngin' till i go [?]
I make a run and get some dough smoke some dro
Make sure they never love a hoe (no no no)
Now its way too different, can’t do all that
Nowadays shit's basic, I don't love you like that
Drop off they missing
Drop off they distant
Make sure they listen, Hope they see my vision (yeah eyaah)
Yeah, we on the grind for the cake
How much time does it take
Beach boy on a wave (oh uoo)
Different shit different day

I just made a couple K (yeah)
Spent it all on bae

I’m just glad to be here
Glad to be here
I’m just glad to be here
(look look look)
Louie V on my waist
Louie V on my case
Louie V for my chick
Louie V to Ben Frank
I’m checking goals on my list
Living life like its OK
And even though it ain't help out
Another Dollar another day
Got your hoe on my dick
Big Blunts of that good
Still smoking on woods (yeah)
What you know about kush
Vanilla, Banana or grape?
Might roll up a gram or a eighth
Might smoke a half in a day
Might send a pack to the bae (look)
I want flavors I ain’t had
Charge a lotto on a frisco
And i swear that shit was gas (yeah-e yeah)
I’m on that shit that make you pass
Keep it lit when you around me baby you know where I’m at (oh uoo)
I’m on the coast
West-side baby yeah she know
Its that 714
Knock knock knockin at your door
Heard they wanna be like me start taking notes
Need a bottle of that henny and some bros
That’s how I roll
Hating on the kid you gotta go


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