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Yung Lean - Oceans 2001

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Sad Boys, 2002
Unknown Death, 2001

The ocean's where they'll find you
The ocean's where they'll find you
You can find me if you look in your mind too [X2]
I'mma get a choppa, I'ma, I'mma get a choppa
Shoot that ho in the face before she try to stop ya
Yung Lean, so fucking proper
Sad Boys, we own choppas
Put her in that body bag
The ocean's where I'll drop her

[Verse 1]
Eat her out, wipe my face with a serviette
Rich, sweeping legs
Creeping in the cut, with a tommy gun
I'ma stomp on your fondue
Face looking like Scooby Doo, the groovy one
Cannibus, anthrax, paid fast, get stacks
Count racks, cash ? and all that
Bad rep, LSD right, creeping 'round like a lab rat
Eat her out, click clack
Shorty we can take it real slow, if you wanna
Sex and pills, Lean got the marijuana
I got so much ice, and these ice creams cost one hunna
You know we gon make it hot, like the summer
Shorty she a runner, ?? and I can buy you drinks
I got money like Obama, Internet Explorer
Boys, bitch, we ?
Hit that cut up, fire shots, make you run up
Hit that club up, fire shots, make you run up


[Verse 2]
Lean slice it up
BBC, straight I'm fixing to bust a nut
Sad Boys in the place, lock your daughters up
Smoking these greens, killing these fiends
? with some fucking big things
? explosive, I'm fast, I'm C-4
Wake up in the morning and I'm married to a dinosaur
Her vagina's sore
Click clack click like the liquor store
Living life like we in Baltimore
Tell the preacher it's a folklore
What, fool? What, fool?
Switched out the Ferrari from the double door
Smoking sherman like I'm Dumbledore
Humble, poor
Hungry hippos and we finna rob the liquor store
And we finna rob the liquor store
Lean got plenty more
Sad Boys, we done opened the door
Sad Boys smoking plenty dro

Shouts out to Gregar
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Yung Lean

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Yung Lean / Sad Boys

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Unknown Death 2002

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2 201 473 tekstów, 21 563 poszukiwanych i 353 oczekujących

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