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Yung Lean - 5th Element

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Up in the club and I see 5 elements
Bitch I'm Bruce Willis so you know I'm time Travellin (x2)

[Verse 1]
Fuckin with these hoes then I slang rock
Gamecube everyday super smash bros melee
Fuck an xbox high tech cassios high tech
Glock stacks increase
Crack stick sneeze
Relax make peace
Tax for this piece
Racks add the cheese
Yung Leandoer only smack bitches
You can’t grease make forty keys fuck with these
Imma throw some white cocaine keys
Lean only fuck a bitch if she obese and Vietnamese
Hoverboards and all up and we snort
Teleport to a new timezone with an escort smoking newports
Yung Lean AKA Neil Young
Come in the club and I look like Obi-Wan
I’m offical, yay look like a missile
Nah fuck that my chain be artificial

[Verse 2]
Violater blood bitch
Gangbang bruh it’s ???
??? and that codeine
Champange yeah that’s luxury
Super mario everyday
500 stacks up on a suitcase
Super mario everyday
500 grams, yeah it get paid
I move stacks and I pop trucks
Posted up his face
Mercury blaze ??? they’re like Nicholas Cage
I’m cuming in your face
Live my life through a fisheye
Put the razorblades back on stage
Lacing up my Louis sneaks
Then we finna have a race
I got honey I got hunnids and I move them by the case
Polar bears and dolphins
Lean will put you in a coffin
You already know what I’m puffin'
Chronic in my system it’s straight up morphine
Lean will put you in a coffin
Chronic in my system it’s straight up morphine
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Yung Lean

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Yung Gud

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Yung Lean



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