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Yes - The Revelaing Science Of God (Dance Of The Dawn)
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Tekst piosenki:

The Revealing Science of God can be seen as an ever-opening flower
in which simple truths emerge examining the complexities and magic of the past
and how we should not forget the song that has been left to us to hear. The
knowledge of God is a search, constant and clear.

Dawn of light lying between a silence and solid sources,
Chased amid fusions of wonder, in moments hardly seen forgotten,
Coloured in pastures of chance dancing leaves cast spells of challenge,
Amused but real in thought, we fled from the sea whole.
Dawn of thought transfered through moments of days undersea arching earth
Revelaing corridors of time provoking memories, disjointed but with purpose,
Craving penetrations offer links with the self instructors sharp
And tender love as we took to the air, a picture of distance.
Dawn of our power we amuse redescending as fast as misused
Expression, as only to teach love as to reveal passion chasing
Late into corners, and we danced from the ocean.
Dawn of love sent within us colours of awakening among the many
Won't to follow, only tunes of a different age, as the links span
Our endless caresses for the freedom of life everlasting.

Talk to the sunlight caller
Soft summer mover distance mine

Called out a tune but I never saw the face
Heard but not replaced
I ventured to talk, but I never lost my place

Cast out a spell rendered for the light of day
Lost in lights array
I ventured to see, as the sound began to play

What happened to this song we once knew so well
Signed promise for moments caught within the spell
I must have waited all my life for this
Moment moment

The future poised with the splendour just begun
The light we were as one
And crowded through the curtains of liquid into sun

And for a moment when our world had filled the skies
Magic turned our eyes
To feast on the treasure set for our strange device

What happened to wonders we once knew so well
Did we forget what happened surely we can tell
We must have waited all our li
Moment moment moment

Star light movement, reasons
Release forward
Tallest rainbow
Sun shower seasons
Life flower seasons

They move fast, they tell me,
But I just can't believe that I can feel it
There's someone to tell you,
Amid the challenge we look around in unison with you

Getting over overhanging trees
Let them rape the forest
Thoughts would send our fusion
Clearly to be home

They move fast, they tell me,
But I just can't believe they really mean to
There's someone, to tell you,
And I just can't believe our song will leave you
Skyline teacher
Warland seeker
Send out poison
Cast iron leader

And through the rhythm of moving slowly
Sent through the rhythm work out the story
Move over glory to sons of old fighters past,
Young christians see if from the beginning
Old people feel it that's what they're saying
Move over glory to sons of old fighters past.

They move fast, they tell me,
But I just can't believe they really mean to
There's someone, to tell you,
Acourse towards a universal season

Getting over overhanging trees let them
Rape the forest, they might stand and leave them
Clearly to be home
Getting over wars we do not mean
We charm the movement suffers
Call out all our memories
Clearly to be home

We've moved fast
We need love
A part we offer is our only freedom

What happened to this song we once knew so well
Signed promise for moments caught within the spell
We must have waited all our lives for this
Moment moment

Past present movers moments we'll process the future, but only
Through him we know, send flowered rainbows
Apiece apart chased flowers of the dark and lights of songs
To follow and show all we feel for and knoew of, cast round,
You seekers of the truth accepting that reasons will relive
And breath and hope and chase and love
For you and you and you


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