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Yelawolf - Trunk muzik
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Trunk Muzik
Trunk Muzik
Burn One
Burn One

[Verse 1]
Straight from the back of the game I rock it
Yelawolf's got that crack boy
In the woods with the SK I'm cockin'
You don't want to play with that toy
Droppin' this heat like a asteroid
Good in the south like Pastor Troy
Pull up beside of a 1977
Sittin' back and sippin' my chronic 7
Pimpin' I'm about to get down
Look at me changin' lanes
Twin pipes lookin' like dragon's breath
(Whoosh) Chevrolets blowin' flames
Yes I know it's strange
Hit you with a left
I pull the chains
Bitch you too heavy to carry
You don't wanna bury yourself
Underneath that 808 I'll drop
It in your face like

To the DJs
Out cruisin'
I got that Trunk Muzik
Everybody hop in the Cadillac
And idle back on the throttle
And Chevrolets with the bottom
Won't you roll the window down
If you cruising
I got that Trunk Muzik
Alabama's unanimous animal Yelawolf
On the 808 come in fade away
Ain’t no better way to get down

[Verse 2]
Told you I was coming
Said I'd be here in 5
And even though I brought you glasses
You still can't believe your eyes
But if you don't believe it by now
Fuck it just lean to the side
Hold up wait a minute I don't really
Wanna leave without a single solitary
So when needed for I'll bring it to em
If your sailin' catch my drift
Lead me to the door check my list
Meet me at the floor catch this fist
Or meet me at the store catch this lick
Build this house flip this brick
Real skateboarders feel this grip
Moving through the alleyway
Look at the people tripping
Cause I'm only chopping like


[Verse 3]
I have to be the hardest I got diamond nuts
I piss excellence Ricky Bobby lines 'em up
Catfish Billy half-pints 'em up
Yelawolf country fries 'em up
Put 'em in a duffle bag then I roll up in a river then I hold up
Watch what the fuck you hold up
Dynamite sticks will blow up
Ghet-O-Vision got this sold up
Roll up smoke up
Everybody wishin' they chose us
But we don't give a fuck you know what
I know you didn't see me coming but I'm coming anyway
Bitch Yelawolf is stylin' on you



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