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Yelawolf - Radio

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[Chorus: Yelawolf - singing]
I can't seem to get you off my mind
Turn on the station but I'm, still facin you and
Everybody seems they lost their mind
It's hard to handle so I, change the channel on the
radiooooo, cause internet killed the radio star
Radiooooo, and YouTube killed the video star
Hit the radio - then we make a, make a video, now I'm a star
Hit the radio - then we make a, make a video, now I'm a star

Picture me rollin 'Pac, it's funny how time has changed
Everybody's a critic now, it's all a debate on the internet wave
It used to be you and Biggie, Chili Peppers +Give it Away+
Now we got 10-year olds sittin back in the chair like "Those were the days"
And though it seems so amazing to me that the labels lost the touch
And I'm in the A.M. flippin through the AM like I lost my crutch
Limpin - cause I can't even walk straight if I can't turn it up
Sippin - I need some +Gin and Juice+, Snoop Dogg I brought my cup
What's up? Uh-huh, okay, shut up
Cause I think we had about enough of, radios in lust with the love bugs
Well let me give you a big hug, a bag of mushrooms, here take some drugs
And play some Group Home or somethin; shit that Goodie Mob +Soul Food+ is bumpin


Yeah, you'll never hear Black Star cause the program director's mostly deaf
And you'll never hear Triple Six cause we live in the mist of the Bible belt
But that's where the light is felt, so let it shine (shine) let 'em rhyme (rhyme)
Let 'em hustle, let 'em grind, nothin wrong with the truth sometimes
Sometimes the truth is dark, but the darkness sparks the truest art
And you didn't even know you had a window 'til the tornado blew it apart
If Eric Clapton can sing about +Cocaine+ and there's no harm
Then I can write about - guns; I can rap about - girls;
I can sing about - money and cars
Not that my money is large, let's talk about broke as a joke
Let's talk about gettin evicted, everything you own thrown out on the road
And maybe that there goes gold, shit maybe it's platinum sold
But they don't wanna see the green rings from the pirates' gold
No, hold up rewind


Pick up the change, pick up the change
Ridin in a Chevy cause I'm sick of the Range
Catfish Billy come pick up the name, come on inside if you're sick of the rain
Turn the radio off and don't complain, it's all a replay, it's all the same
Got one track, on a runaway train, on a one-way street, better pick yo' lane
Yeah, but you can let me pick yo' brain, and we can be that rollin stone
Mix 'em up with Janis Joplin, and let 'em harmonize like Bone
Or we can just leave it alone, and let it take on a life on its own
Or we could be that World Class Wreckin' Cru and tell 'em turn the lights back on



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