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Yelawolf - Kickin

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Who's the one from the pine, whaddup yall?
I'm the one from the grind, I know yall
Go below the Dixie line, wit me, I'll show ya how to deal the quarter pound off the rippy, off the rippy
I'm catfish, bitch
I am packing this
rusty steak knife (who?) pump action
Nadda nothin buddy don't even bother (holler) him
I told you i'm cat fish, I'm quick to swaller brim
Young gangsters bustin wanna act bad (bad)
Wasting gun shells like Bush in Baghdad
take him to the hood I got the chopper aimed so
bet ya he'll be running like a motherfuckin hoe
Glass breakin I'll have your mother duckin low
Back down ha now that's a motherfuckin joke
Southern boys got hot butter for your soul
Cracker barrel bullet dynamite so lets go

My rattlin trunk, got them bobble heads lookin
rear view mirrors got the world sittin crooked
I am kick kickin kick kick kick kickin
Kick kickin kick kick kick kickin
These twelve inch speakers, these six inch tweeters
I'm playin those heaters
I got that Fadder
I am kick kickin kick kick kick kickin
Kick kickin kick kick kick kickin

Gimmie the kenwood, these kicks are tempting
I'm blowin this shit up like bottles of champagne
Mouth is dropping, models are modeling
vibrating seats make knees start wobbling
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If you want it bad well then I'll give you my pickle
I'm so off the chain that I can't pedal my bicycle
Ain't got no Petrol, still get it crunk though
Leavin my tire marks in hip hop centerfolds
I know that amplifiers heated up
I know the DJ wanna speed it up
My shits snappin, it ain't snap music
But you can lean back and throw it up, come on
These Alabama boys connect with Atlanta boys
Raised by them gun lovers who load up the banana boats
Drivin them Chevy's and throwin Ds on them cadillacs
Speakers and tweeters beatin my whip got that rattle back

Yeah I'm Southern
I'm crazy, I'm drivin, Chevys daily
Hollar at ya (hollar at ya), burnin tires
(Burnin tires), I'm trashy (I'm Trashy), I'm fire
I'll stick 'em good, I'll show dem up
I'll show them hood, that I don't give a fuck
From the trailer park
I help king
Don't get any part
So watch your spelling,
And they ring ding they ringa ling ling
cellular blowin up, they wanna ding a ling
I'm a leading scene
The pimp of the leading team
We number one of all 7 of dixie mafia family
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2 154 554 tekstów, 20 179 poszukiwanych i 606 oczekujących

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