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Yelawolf - Get Away feat. Mystikal & Shawty Fatt

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Hell of a day to load a .22 and take it to the woods
and let it ring into the night and break a bottle with a bullet
Yes, I'm +'Bout It+ mutherfucker!
Not a single solitary thing is missing from my southern roots
I'm liable just to take a Chevrolet and run it through the mud for giggles
Heh, what a son of a bitch my mama raised into a rapper
who could tell a story like my uncle when he's drinkin
Product of a working env-iron-ment, fuck is y'all thinkin?
Meaning I'm workin, workin harder than any artist could ever do
It's simply 'cause I'm made that way
I'll build a house around yo' ass before you could realize
that you in a neighborhood that Yelawolf made
So call me a redneck and tell your boys about it
Tell 'em I'm an Alabama wannabe, I'll +BE+ that!
I'll just take it to the studio and drop a BOMB on you
from a muthafuckin beanbag, I need that...

...get away, tell my folks roll up the J’s
Bring Yelawolf a deuce, we'll sit up on the roof of the broken Chevrolet
Talk 'til there's nothing left to say, 'cause if I don’t get away
You gon' see my trailer park ghetto ways
Then you gon' have to get away from me
Drink some, smoke some - You gone have to get away from me
Load up the guns, load up the guns - Then you’ll have to get away from me
Drink some, smoke some - 'cause if I don’t get away
You gon' see my trailer park ghetto ways
Then you gone have to get away from me

[Shawty Fatt]
Maaaan, I done been through it all
I done been up and know what it is to fall
Punk police feelin all on my balls
without a probable cause, 'cause a nigga sittin tall
"Dawg, you gotta do something Fatt
On the road with Wolf, why did you come back?"
'Cause them up there, don’t wanna play fair
Got me pinned to the wall, like a fuckin thumb tack
"Dumb Fat!", dumb hell
Criticize a nigga for the crack I sell
Like you could give a SHIT if a nigga eat well
or eat at all, wanna see me fall
Let 'em see that? Naw dawg, them lies
Long as I got Catfish on my side
Bitch I'm headed up, up, up to the sky
Roll up, let's get high, wave at em' bye
I need that...


Twenty plus twenty still spittin 'em out
Still piss on yo' porch and still shit in your house
Then put my dick in yo' mouth, take it back out, put it back in
Fuck on the flo', skeet on the COUCH~!
Which one of you ugly motherfuckers think you thug enough
or rug enough or gutter enough or fast enough to keep up? HUH!
The most retarded motherfucker in the whole wide world
Ain't stupid or dumb enough to fuck with me
...If you in say you in
and if you is, handle your motherfuckin business
Knuckle up, buckle up, hustle up, huddle up.. what we gon' do? (WIN!)
Not a nan' nother nigga outta there can compare..
to what I do to these boys on these bars and these scales
In these clubs in these bars, on these tables and chairs
'cause I need that...



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Mystikal, Shawty Fatt

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