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Yelawolf - Box Chevy
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Tekst piosenki:

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

Yelawolf and I feel like a king in (my box Chevy!)
Tell them other wack motherfuckers get they (pine box ready!)
Catfish Billy is (deadly!) Don't get slapped with the (medley!)
Still sippin on Jack D 'til my neck and my head start feelin (heavy!)
Doin 125 down I-20 now I think I really need to start slowin down
But I can't cause I got a pretty lil' blonde thang
sittin to my right that's blowin me now
Ooh, yeah, she's (headin me!) I think her name might be (Becky!)
I was about to drop her off
but I had to switch lanes to get the brains, she (begged me!)
Aww, naw naw; do, you, you come in twos?
Please, choose, a couple of friends, they can hop in and cruise
Now we goin (steady!) But I'm not lookin for (longevity!)
Pipes in the back
The lights of the night reflects sights through the dash, I'm nice to ride past

[Chorus: Yelawolf]
My wheels are super clean, paint job it glitters and gleams
And I wanna see the back of your jeans in the seats (my box Chevy!)
This whip is built for queens, and you wanna be seen with a king
Well I wanna see the back of your jeans in the seats (my box Chevy!)
Tilted off Jim Beam, sittin low to the side I lean
And I wanna see the back of your jeans in the seats (my box Chevy!)
This whip is built for queens, and you wanna be seen with a king
Well I wanna see the back of your jeans in the seats (my box Chevy!)

[Rittz the Rapper]
Fuck a limousine, I'd rather ride Caprices
My speakers vibrate the concrete beneath us
Ridin 85 northbound shakin doors down
so I turn the speakers louder pissin off polices
Fuck a five-star chick, got a porn star bitch
ridin shotgun with me gettin so wet
Now she goin down on me givin road head
bustin on her forehead then I took her back to the homestead
Peace~! Back in the Caprice
Took a sack of weed and crumbled it inside a Cognac blunt wrap
Now it's time to jump back on the highway 85
slumpin in my seat like I'm hunchback
And my Chevy lookin so dope
Old school Vogues on it got it floatin like a row boat
Gold flakes in the candy paint drippin on the road
drivin slow like a motherfuckin show boat
Hoe don't act like you don't hear me comin
I got the Willis drummin and it's comin out the clarion
12's in the trunk, flat screen TV's
in the headrest with "Something About Mary" on
Carry on, I be turnin heads every time
when they see me in the Chevy man it's evident she car struck
And I'm far from hard up
so quit trippin like a bitch and get in the car slut
Girl you know you wanna ride


Yeah, in the background with a 6-pack now and I'm out lookin for the (Bettys!)
Peanut butter seats, have a seat girl, my peanut butter needs (jelly!)
I'll chase you like (Chevy!) If you ain't afraid to get (messy!)
If you know the game then I'll let you call the shots like a referee - yeah
Now I'm, drinkin a deuce-deuce swiggin slow, feelin like I'm Deuce-Deuce Bigalow
Pick a bitch like I pick the piccolo, go anywhere you wanna go, pick a road
Interstate 59, 20, 75, 285, 85 southbound
Twin pipes like pow-pow, hundred spokes on the Vogues like wow, wow, wow



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