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Y-Incision - Gash Stabber/Gash Stabber 2 (The Beginning)/D
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Gash Stabber:

She was saving herself for marriage
But she just wanted to be loved for a night
With a knife I stabbed a vagina into her torso
"I carved a smiley face into her and made it suck me off"
"I said I carved a smiley face into her and made it suck me off"
"What, who is this?
No amount of pity will bring her back
She hands me the scalpel and whispers "life goes on"
She lays down on the embalming table and says, "just relax and cut"

Gash Stabber 2 (The Beginning):

After dad left Jesus was the only man mom wanted in her life
She'd curl my hair, paint my nails and put make-up on me
She'd even make me wear lacy petticoats under my dresses
"It started when I cut holes in a stray cat. Then it was the torso of the neighbors dog"
"Sir, I don't find this funny. And if you call me again, I will be notifying the authorities"
She holds me close and asks, "Is there anything else?"
I unsheathe the knife and say, "Yes, there is"
I didn't lose my virginity till I fucked the holes I cut into mommy


What we can't practice? Well Roan Toan and I just drove a total of three and half hours to be here today so maybe we can find a compromise all we ask is for an hour it'll be just enough time to tighten up some new shit as well as run through the set a few times BUT NO! Your refusal to hear me out was your way of saying to go fuck myself and that's how you got this song written about you go choke on one!


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