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Xiphea - Cinderella
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“No you will never go to the feast!
Are you mad? You can`t dance!
What would everybody think?
When I look at you all I see is dirt and dust”
You know how the story goes –
All alone after chore, very sad,
with ashes on her head she is begging now
standing at her mother`s grave

“My little tree, shake your branches and leaves!
Drop silver and gold down on me!
All I want is dancing and dreaming, admiring the prince
Could I be gleaming?”

Oh she is beautiful! What a dress, what a girl!
At the ball she is dancing with the prince
and with no one else - He is falling just for her
The next day of the royal feast –
He is waiting so long “will she come?”
She is standing at the grave for the second time
truly begging once again:

“My little tree, shake your branches and leaves! …

A dress much more splendid -As she enters the ballroom
the prince cannot hide it - he`s adoring her, too - yes
But soon she will have to leave -Just in time!
Suddenly all magic disappears

“Stop my dear! I wish you were here
Now I’ m thinking of a trick:
I will smear the stairs with pitch
I will do it secretly for the dream of you and me”
It`s the last day of the party
At her mother`s grave again she`s begging:

“My little tree, shake your branches and leaves! …

All I`ve ever wanted is here in my heart and it calls
I cannot even pretend
This is more like my dream and I dream of secrets undone!”
True love!

And you know how the story goes - that the prince picked up her shoe
Many pretty ladies showed, tried the golden slipper, too
Cinderella`s dream came true -There was no blood in the shoe
Like a lovely melody - Play it to me!


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Once upon a Time

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1 718 693 tekstów, 18 088 poszukiwanych i 597 oczekujących

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