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Xavier Rudd - Shiver

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Coming up strong beyond comprehension
Feeling it again, shiver through my system
Can push it all away and change my opinions
Coming too strong but a door needs to open
Came to her again from a sister bearing message
Direct it inside, deep within the chamber
Feeling it again, a shiver through my system
Coming up strong beyond comprehension
The wind brings changes in direction
Leaves and seeds and journeys of souls
So much of past has been running away from moments
But the right moments, they catch you and then ...

He's been climbing now for years before his time (Searching round)
Searching high and low for some part of some kind (feeling low)
Feeling lonley on his quest for reasons why (Push me back)
Seeking reasons for the raids that he was down

Where are they now
Who are the people that have shaped his higher self (Higher self)
Oh, he questions all the punches that were thrown (Push me back)
To the fragile place he feels and knows so well (Spinning round)
In the fragile place he feels and knows so well

He is climbing up the mountain, searching for the other side
Seeking shelter from the rain, and from the pain he feels inside
He says now is time to move on, time to let the ropes come loose
See your father is too old, and he may never let you through
And the anger and resentment will only tear you up inside
But you are on another level and they will only deny
And you will see it in your annals, as they give you what they know
And it will always come around, when it is time to let it go...

Let it go, Let it go, Let it go...
Oooooooo.... Oooooooo....
Oooooooo.... Oooooooo....

Coming up strong beyond comprehension
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Xavier Rudd – Dark Shades Of Blue (CD, 2008).

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2 254 322 tekstów, 23 269 poszukiwanych i 320 oczekujących

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