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Wu-Tang Clan - Family Reunion
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Tekst piosenki:

Split this to the Wu Tang family under one roof
And celebrate, toasting shots and …
Brothers all feeling vibe…
Entertainers sound like green sports, side this
Cold water, wanna reminisce with cousins and sisters
Church on the grass, playing ball and twister
Fresh lemonade is made, we playing spades
My nephew’s in the living room and showing arcade
On cherry made by surprise, Johnny showed up
You can tell by the smell in the air something’s rolled up
It’s love, peace and happiness with the joy and laughter
Yeah, my fellows…

Family reunion

Yo, we rock all and together now, Wu Tang forever now
Twenty years later we still bang whatever now
Turn jinx to cheddar … change is better
I’m bound to never let you down
…and my circle haters has kept around
I’m a boss, don’t let them cop down
Reunited, the whole world excited
We take this for the kiss and we pull the curtains and fight it

Family reunion
Gonna have a family reunion
Family reunion
So nice, a get together

Yo, I miss my grandmother, my aunts, Unique and Shawn
I knew dirt was high when they had their face on
Fate hanging out his mouth, his fronts was golden
Wailing, … you say this is like me and Mariah, hit me
This is fire, still, no matter what, we gonna rap your name
Look at your family, we got 20 years in the game

Family reunion
Gonna have a family reunion
Family reunion
So nice, a get together


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