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Wiz Khalifa - Long Way To Go
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Tekst piosenki:

That's just how the fuck it is
Fucking punk
It's fucking bosses over here man
Leave that shit to them little niggas, real talk
We out with it

[Verse 1]
Don't leave the door open coz we smoking
Proceed with caution when you approaching
Jump in my ride, I'm getting ghost
Don't ever go no where without my bro's
Round the best, you get exposed
Them execs we ain't sweating those
I'm in sweatpants looking for the remote
Rocking better clothes than the ones that was fly before
When it get down to paper, I'm trynna get the highest portion
Pull out the old school just so I can slide the Porsche in
I worked hard for mine, french bulldogs all in the yard
Won't change course or fall off
Paid the cost to be the boss
When you the man you don't play your hand
You deal the cards
Me I'm owning the building and smoking weed in every room in it
Pulling up high as fuck to your event
Shirt open, my chains swanging
Don't rep the gang if you can't hang

It's simple as yet
Matter of fact the shit is kinda cimplex
So don't try this at home
Fuck around and learn something young little nigga

It's bigger than nino, we know
We last generation that's worshipping Al Pacino
Seen it first hand in Casino
But nigga's gotta go down that road to find out
I smoked a couple j's i rolled a couple more fore' I'm out
You ever been to where I'm from you probably know
What I'm bout
Stay ready for the occasion
Time equals money that's the equation
You nigga's look funny trynna ride the wave
I hope that you crash
And nobody dive in and save you
They call it the game, watch how they play you
My life is a movie, you wanna stay through
Still think I'm the realest nigga to this day
Them other nigga's is hand made
Under pressure they break
I just do this for my gang's sake
I don't get time away
I'ma light this j

We don't stop hustling
No, never
We don't stop grinding
Hell naw
We don't stop going hard
Made a lot of paper but I got a long way to go
We don't stop hustling
No, never
We don't stop grinding
Hell naw
We don't stop going hard
Made a lot of paper but I got a long way to go

This is a really big performance for me like
This is something that I kinda take seriously
I love performing, I love being in front of people
Like the festival crowds are always dope
So it's just something that I not only look forward to
But I try and make sure I'm really prepared for
So I can go out there and just have the best show


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Wiz Khalifa

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Wiz Khalifa


Laugh Now, Fly Later

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