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WC - Homesick
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Tekst piosenki:

1 for the money, 2 for the streets

3 for the niggas with the gangsta-ass beats

A .45, cause I'm up to no good

6 plus 4 plus 1 for the hood

Steppin outside in my fresh K Swiss

Khakis on crizzack, t-shirt on thick

Jumped in my ride, and I'm leanin to the side

An hour rollin west on the 105

Got off on Crenshaw, here to conjure the 20th

Bumpin the oldies, lookin for the muthafuckin homies

Cause it's the weekend, ain't no sleepin

Hoodrats and dub sacks is what I'm seekin

Moved out the hood a couple of years ago

But still I can't let it go

Like bomb cock, it's got me comin back for mo'

Nigga, my neighborhood, a/k/a the Asphalt Killing Fields

I can't stay

I just can't stay away

Now as I cruise by the park, niggas hit me up

And since I'm true to mine, nigga, I'm givin it back up

Shit, I gives a fuck, nigga, this is straight

H-double o-d-s-t-a all mutthafuckin dizzay

Hit the curve on the bend

Jack the ass up, hung a left, now I'm cruisin up Wilton

Beatin, bass beatin, speakers screamin

Leanin, steady leanin, peepin the scene, and

Scoop teens in jeans, tip off the hat

Nigga, where's the ho's at, where's the ho's at?

I hear the party's tonight at Terminal Island

But first I'm steppin to Steven's for some chili juice fries, and

Now we on our way to the spot

16 batteries, 4 pumps, you tell me if this shit'll pop

Too old for this - never

Even if my pubic hairs were grey

I can't stay away

I just can't stay away

There's no place like home

There's no place like home

Can't stay away from the hood too long

Pulled at a party, and I'm hittin a switch

Because my shit it hot, hoes all on my dizznick

Jealous niggas callin me out

Now what's this all about?

Muthafuckas pullin they money out

But they don't wanna see me, nigga, I'm showin off chrome

40 inch a lift, fool, gettin my clown on

One lift, two lift, look, now I'm standin it up

Backin niggas up while I'm hittin the square dumps

Damn, it musta been a full moon

Cause tonight I was actin a muthafuckin fool

Till the party got turned out, and niggas started bustin

So we headed back to the hood, lookin for somethin else to do

But that's when one-time jacked and pulled us over

And took me to jail for a warrant back in October

But the county's so fool, I be out in three days

Right back at it again, I can't stay a...

I can't stay away

I just can't stay away


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William L. Calhoun

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Curb Servin'

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