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Walpurgis Night - Stories from an Astral Journey

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(Act I - Mercury's Gift)

Between the walls of his church
A strange priest spend all days reading ancient books
About a secret... about the force
That has created all in the wide universe
forged by the factory of the light
Into the fires city located in the Sun
Go into the Sun dwelling of the Light
And begin now... the astral journey

I don't know how to get to the city among
The fire of the Sun I'm only a mortal priest
When he was crying like a little child one
hand touched firm his shoulder he was mercury

I'm the protector of the traveller
And this is my gift for you
Take my winged shoes and fly to the home of Light
I'm the protector of your travel
Come on go into the fire fly high
Faster... than the speed... of light

The unbelieving priest put on the shoes and flew away
He flew to the treshold of the flaming Sun
He meet the Lord of the Light who with his great voice
Asked him what he wanted from the power of the Sun!

I am the astral traveller
I want the power of the Light
That brings the life
Everywhere in the universe
I came here to the flaming Sun
Tell me the secret of the life
Come on Light...
Show me... your... essence!

(Act II - The dwelling of Vulcano)

Poor priest
you are wrong because you can't bring the Light
with your mortal hands
your flesh would be reduced in dust
you must take me from the Earth
beside the Vulcano's home!
Go to him and meet your destiny!!!!
beside the dwelling of Vulcano
look out... Saturn is following you!

The priest went back to the Earth
in search of the Second fire
In front of at the Vulcano's mountain
a sinister entity appear menacing

fool stop or ill absorb your life
Run away poor priest it's time to fall!!!

You can't stop me
my time has to
ill sacrifice my life for the Light
God of war. God of strength
Give me your sword
Mars I ask your courage to kill the god of
mortality that enchain my flesh in earth

The priest face became dark and a red shadow appear on him
Now! He rails against the god screaming like a beast

What'? What are you doing?
Now its time for you to die
Die! Die for your lust and die for your blasphemy!

They both fight hard the priest with the sword of Mars
split the body of his enemy who fell to the ground

No! I can't believe it
now it's time for me to die!
No! I cannot resist against
the great force of the priest!

(Act III - Towards the Heart of the World)

(Act IV - The Kiss of the Moon)

Into the heart of the world
The priest goes curious and scared
He walk down long stairs
while the forgerer was waiting for him

"This is the secret of the creation the power of the light
here it shall sleep to keep it from destroying everything
Look again for the touch of the light
Arise again arise before the night rule the sky!"

"and now take this darkened globe
the power of the light is here
arise in earth and kiss the sunlight
before it consumes you"

The priest run with the globe
slowly absorbing his life force like a sponge he look at the sky
he is falling down worn and dying
it's too late the night is on the priest dark and wonderful

"No! Poor priest! I give you my soft kiss
I'm the wife of the Sun and my kiss is made of him and you can arise again
now you live in glory you know the secret of the universe
and go again to your home in the Sun among the divine creatures

The priest opens wide his eyes
full of tears and life he gets up in the air like a hawk
again he's in front of the gates
of the divine realm of the Sun but now he's greater

Go in your realm you who has challenged the tree realms
Go you who are able to walk in earth in hell, and between the flames of the sun
Dressed of red your sight in eternal knowledge and your soul and flash is made of pure light
To live forever
in the city of the Sun
To live forever
among the divine flames
to live forever
in the city of the Sun
to die forever
into the arms of the divine light
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Walpurgis Night


Midnight Wanderer

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