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Vesta Victoria - Now I Have To Call Him Father

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I used to be as happy as the dickies on the trees
That's when I was courting and my mind was well at ease
I used to feel so loving with ‘En'ry by my side
Looking forward to the day when I should be his bride
But now he's thrown me over and I'm full of misery
Someone else has done me out of William ‘Enery.

Chorus: He used to come and court his little Mary Ann
I used to think that he was my young man
But Mother caught his eye
And they got married on the sly
Now I have to call him Father.

He used to call me “Dreamy-eyes” and take me on his knee
Kiss my little ruby lips and make a fuss of me
He'd bought a second handed home to comfort me through life
Now he's thrown me over for a second handed wife
And on the wedding day when he was married to mamma
He said, “Go wash your face and kiss your new papa.”


When I got home this afternoon it broke my heart to see
William cuddling Mother as he used to cuddle me
At ten o clock last night I felt I'd like to punch his head
When he said to me, "Pop off, its time to go to bed”
The next young man I get I'll let him see me to the door
But I'll never introduce one to my Mother any more.
Written and composed by Charles Collins and Fred Godfrey
Performed by Vesta Victoria (1874-1951)
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2 114 173 tekstów, 19 636 poszukiwanych i 283 oczekujących

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