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Van Der Graaf Generator - Orthenthian Street

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Tekst piosenki:

Part I

Feel a calling for the sea, I want to walk on the sand dunes
I hope you'll forgive me if I say I can't take you
And sometimes I've got to get away
If just to get a break from the play
That we're all involved in

All the love I'm living now could have ended yesterday
If the snow had fallen too hard up there on the Motorway
If it happens, don't feel sorry, I won't feel alone
It's just another travelling zone
That you can't come on

Part II

Can't stop for a second
We might see how silly we all are
Can't get out even for a moment
Might be hit by a passing car
Dreams shatter and fall into dust
As long as we're travelling I suppose they must
But while we're on the road our days'll be glowing
When we part as you know we must
We'll leave just going
Ever so slowly
Ever so slowly
Ever so slowly

Motorway signs flash past like flies
It's getting late and we're going home
We all travel in parallel lines
Getting into the twilight zone
All I really want now is you by my side
Yes, it's a sweet ride
While we're still together

Yes, it's a sunny day, we're off on our sea trip
The water may be cold in the bay
But we're safe on our sailing ship
And if the ice forms you can walk home to land
And still cling to my hand
If you still want to


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Autor tekstu:

Peter Hammill

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Peter Hammill

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Wykonanie oryginalne:

Van Der Graaf Generator


The Areosol Grey Machine

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1 739 237 tekstów, 18 274 poszukiwanych i 794 oczekujących

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