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Tyga - Drive Fast Live Young
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Tekst piosenki:

1.Big shit perfect timing, got a chef, we ain’t gotta leave
Baby we can dine in
Get you played like violins
Made a purchase so large, got a call nigga, affirming
Swishers when we riding
Case a nigga get pulled over, keep me visine
Way you living like this,
She won’t never wanna leave with these new hoes
Steady tryina fuck me
Fresh nigga, no dry cleaners, don’t wash that, it’s brand new
Got pyro homies, got crip niggas
And my ocean view straight water blue
My second time, your first time
She let me hit on the first night
Foreign cars, muscle cars
Y’all niggas just ain’t living it right

ref.Drive fast, live young
I’m making change, I make it rain
We ain’t the same
I’m pulling up, my whip game
Got leather seats and wood grain
Drive fast, live young
Got champagne, that’s candy paying
My real estate, these boppers know my stage name
I sip slow, while entertain
Drive fast, live young
I’m dope, mane, you so lame
100 thous went to dice game
Drive fast, live young
Push start, I’ma start,
She up and down that boulevard
Going hard, going hard

2.Oh you bout that life, want that shine
Can I have that eyes, nah nigga it ain’t mine
I’ve been hustling all night, and I know she wanna call
But a nigga working hard like 3 jobs
Hottest paper can’t count it all alone
Mesmerized by the throne, addicted to doing wrong
I’m a stone cold killer, furs in the winter
Audemar ghetto??? light bulb just lit up
Grown with the game, drop vise get hit up
Nigga take fade, knock down nigga get up
Broke niggas, broke niggas, I ain’t gotta worry bout gold diggas
Pow, pow, these rolls on niggas
Hot shot clock, waiting for the finish
Hop in the tennant, y’all niggas shit winnin
22 like Emmitt, and my bitch photogenic
She be fired in a minute, dry your eyes baby I was only kidding
Do it all different she used to say I did it
Rolls royce, lamborghini nigga, what’s the difference?

3.Sometimes man it just suits
I’m living a dream, man it’s an ecstasy
Man, ecstasy
She feel my energy, wanna get next to me
Man this is ecstasy, ecstasy
Drive fast, live young
Chop, chop, never stop
Drive fast, live young
Chop, chop, never stop
Drive fast, live young
Drive fast, live young
Drive fast, live young
Be forever young, driving in
Be forever young.


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