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Ty Morn - Reign of the Hunter
Odsłon: 23
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The darkest scheme designed to keep the world in order
Theocracies have set this path of hell in motion
Every blooded saga has it’s start
And from the seed, the sound of freedom torn asunder
Technology created for the coming thunder
Antecedent knowledge now arcane
Consigned to the flames

And as it was feared
The lives that they knew would come undone
With nations at heel, a purge begun

The crimson reveal
The edicts of hate now carved in stone
To serve master’s will, eyes black as coal

The reign of the hunter
The reign of the hunter

Their word is true
Ignore and face the consequences
He will pursue and execute in all the senses
Heresy is punished by the law

He’s on command to take the life of all dissenters
The judge’s plan to end free thought and all that’s meant to
Threaten the ascension of their realm
With death at the helm

For thousands of years
They foretold the coming of an age
All men in the world becoming slaves

A scion of fear
Beholden to those who built the cage
Abide by the rules as they dictate

The reign of the hunter
The reign of the hunter

A prophecy, the future’s sealed
If not divine, then tyrants will control the masses as they stare in silence

The reign of the hunter
The reign of the hunter

Rule by fear
Fate decided by the hunt


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Ty Morn



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