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Ty Morn - Fall on your Sword

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The waiting hangs heavy on the heart
It’s courage that binds them in the dark
As winter grows deeper in the field

That’s where the blood of thegns
Will dress the mighty come undone
As feudal masters rage
Only the cowards turn and run

When you fall on your sword
Sacrifice is everything
The hallowed sirens call your name
They call your name

Rebellion sits strongly in the soul
As heathens take orders from the fallen crow

Between the land and sea
Live generations born to war
Still bear the sword of truth
Where old allegiances are sworn and then broken
A homage forsaken
The oracle sees in fire, the coming storm

Fall on your sword
An everlasting legacy
The gods demand humility

Forget the will to survive
All that’s offered is glory and pride
There’s no more to this life
When the cause, it is just
And the overlord stands by your side.

Imperators will claim
Such warriors are made, not born
Curse those who yield in fear
Honour abandoned evermore

When you fall on your sword


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Ty Morn



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1 764 523 tekstów, 18 205 poszukiwanych i 816 oczekujących

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