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Token - Self Made

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[Verse 1]
I will always be an individual
For every second I was failing to be fitting in my school
And if I'm here then it's something I cannot do
I just got the wrong people to listen to
'Cause I've been invincible ever since I was told that being different is a gift I hold
Been driven ever since my initial video tryna get into shows on my tippy toes
But I'm a little bit taller now
(Here we go!)
Watch what's hurtin' me, drop the urgency, not concerned with the common courtesy
I'll deserve defeat
Never listen to anyone who say they be understandin' me
'Cause I'm still learnin' me
This is constant work for me
I'll put a fire under Mass
The thermometers could not observe or monitor the heat
Hardest worker when y'all refer to me
Over all of the years my team has gotten smaller but I'm not too surprised
No one keep up with how I work, but it's OK, I ain't often to rely
I could ask you all these questions like "how are you gonna stop my crew and I?"
But I'd rather have you question yourself so I can sit here and watch your suicide
I ain't gotta kill 'em and kill 'em and stuff
But if they need to be killed I'll be killin' for a killin' funny
Nobody really wanna be givin' me compliments assumin' that it's gettin' to my head
But that is never how I'm feelin' (OH!)
And when I be comin' around everyone happy as shit
But I never forget anyone who would laugh at this kid
I hope my success burns your tongue everytime you were asked about this shit


[Verse 2]
But I gotta remember, I go up, I go down, but right now I'm better
See my mom proud of me, my dad proud of me
My grandma proud of me, grandpa you'd be too
No talkin' 'bout success, I have work for this
'Cause I wanna be strong just like you
Just like you
I'll never give up because you never let it
I still feel your hand when we watch me on TV
I think about you everytime that I'm stressin'
I miss you
And we all do
I wonder what you would say to me watchin' all of this
I could go back years, but I hold back tears when I'm jottin' all of this
I just hope to one day hold knowledge like you did
And if the cancer never got you I know you'd wanna be at every one of my shows watchin' me commit
See I'm prepped for this, as a perfectionist
I spend more time on one verse than an essay
Just as important, recording it 'til the morning and surely every performance gotta be best take
Mixing in the studio, the shit gotta sound beautiful so listen when you usually press play
Self taught through music, learn myself through music
Better myself through music
I'm self made
Better myself through music, analyse myself
Keep what I like, lose what I don't everytime I do this
And as I write what helps me make it better
As I try to forget what forces me to remember
What's making me invincible everyday, making sure I won't surrender these eraser shavings!


Thank you


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Eraser Shavings

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