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Token - Doozy

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Ahem, yeah
Ha ha ha, this shit is... it's just stupid

When it comes to the way I act bro, got the backbone, not the traps though
Fans know with the rap flows, got a crap-load
Ammo like I’m Castro when he had foes
That go like a gat go—((Buh-dih-dat, Bo!))
Ha ha ha, (I don't know what you're saying!)
This shit is so stupid
When it comes to the way I act bro, got the backbone, not the traps though
Fans know, with the rap flows, got a crap-load
Ammo like I’m Castro when he had foes
That go like a gat go—((Buh-dih-dat, Bo!))
Yeah, so, at my last show, in the back row;
Bad hoes, tried to grab those like a lasso
That goal never has sold, ’cause I’m bashful
That’s no fucking fact though; I’m an asshole
Ha, see, lil’ weirdo?
I don’t get what you’re trying to be, lil’ weirdo (Ha ha!)
Everything you send me I don’t read, lil’ weirdo
With the way I’m living I don’t need lil’ weirdos (No!)
Oh, and you trying to be calling me lil’ weirdo?
Oh! You a mean lil’ weirdo
Need therapy, lil’ weirdo
I don’t really give a little mini shit about any of these lil’ weirdos (Ow!)
Rappers always walk up to me in the show venue (Yeah!)
Ask me for a feature I tell them, “Sir, no thank you” (No!)
I should just be honest, I don’t mean to offend you
But you should probably get better 'fore I molest you
I got the flows and the patterns to make a rapper lose control of his bladder
A soaking wet mattress with piss on the sheet, do this religiously, tell the pope and the pastor
And most of these rappers are jokes and I have to just hold in the laughter like, "What?"
Yeah, "What?"
How the fuck you suck that much?
Oh, I got a pretty fan waiting in the minivan, dumber than a brick and, man, I don’t really give a damn
She want me to give a damn follow on the Instagram
Baby, that’s a big demand for a little, little tramp
"Woah!" Now she calling me a prick again? Really, man?
Tell her, "Suck a dick," like it wasn’t already in her plans in advance
All the Jewish, 80-year-old women that my grandma be—
—Showin' all my music to is gon’ hear that profanity (Uh oh)
And think that I did it just to embarrass my family
Ugh, I’m sorry, yo, I’m awful, I know, shabbat shalom
You can tell I got the Jewish awkward nose, what the fuck is up with that obnoxious bone?
Look at the amount that my nostrils hold, none of you motherfuckers are strong as those (None!)
Ha, I got a bodybuilder on my face!
(I am a bodybuilder!)
Ha, step to me, I’ll smell you from miles away
Eureka! You reek of:
Weak talent that needs practice and cheap fabric that needs fashion (Yup)
Extreme yappin' that needs action and mean braggin' that needs absence
You reek of sadness, I reek of savage, you reek of has-been, I wreak havoc (Wooh!)
Look, performing when the moon's out, meetings during the daytime (Daytime)
I sat down with Genius, they sat down with one at the same time (Same time)
I broke down my lyrics, I’m the only one that can break mine (Break mine)
I broke down the barriers for a kid living a man’s life
Damn right (Damn motherfuckin' right), give me a couple of years and standby
I’ll transcribe every single one of my thoughts into a franchise
At 17 I told the label that I grew up listening to that I can’t sign
They don’t want me to sound underground, well they don’t know I’m a landmine
Blow up in they face, woah, hold up a minute (Hold up)
You said I said that I’m a fan, no the fuck I didn’t
No the fuck I didn't
You got shit to work on, before I can say it
You’re putting words in my mouth, just ’cause nobody will ever put your words in their playlist
I spit a flow and everyone gets quiet out of amazement (Amazement!)
You spit a flow they get quiet ’cause everyone hates it (Fuckin' hate it)
You will never work in the booth with me, don’t get frustrated
I barely do features ’cause I can only record butt naked
Facts, so next time you ask for a feature
I’ll assume that you’re asking to see my ass, I’ll pass (Gay!)
That is my best feature, by the way
I just taught the teacher how to learn and preacher how to pray, there’s levels to this shit
I jumped to get mine, I’m the ultimate, newer entrepreneur
You’re looking old and done with your life (Huh?!)
You could fit a bucket of fries, a couple of knives, and oven supplies in the bags under your eyes
To be honest I only really be going fast for everybody that be telling me that it’s stupid (Go)
Because I don’t really want to do it but I kind of want to do it only because they really don’t want me to do it (True!)
So I’ma do it, they tryna be biting me but I don’t even think that they can chew it, if you can do it, then motherfucker prove it
I want to see it, I want to see it, I want to believe it, but you’re deceivin', I see it, I see your secret, I see it (Yeah!)
I don’t really want to be the one to leak it, fuck it, man, I kind of want to be the one to leak it
Every time that you’re copying someone or recycling yourself I can tell you got no confidence that is needed (Wooh-uh!)
I’ll never say I’m fearin' ya when I put a divine fear in ya
You’ll always be my inferior, you fit the criteria, bitch
Calm down, God damn it
I tend to lose my cool when they call me hotheaded
Oh, did I break your equipment? Aw, I’m sorry!
Next time you threaten to sue me, just do it
I want someone to diss
I want someone to quit
Just because what I spit
Made them cry like a bitch
Tell the captains recruit me
I’ll take a passionate dookie, on every rapper that knew me
Then I’m back to the studi' like "that was a doozy,"


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