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Todrick Hall - I Wanna Be on Glee

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Dear Ryan Murphy
I know I'm a little late for the Myspace Audituons probably because they were on Myspace. But if you get this letter/youtube submission please consider me to be your token black boy. I can sing, act, and i have a consistant tripple pirouette most of the time. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the presentation. And Mr. Murphy I'll be waiting on the phone call.

I wanna be
On the hottest new show that ever drapes my TV
Want the chance to show my face on season 3
If there's a place for a loser like me
Wanna bobble all my dreams come true
If i got the call don't know what I'd do

Ohhh Ohhhhh O-M-G
I wanna be on GleeRepeat

Wanna be on gleeWanna be-be-be-be-be

I wanna be
Fighting off the paparazzi
But first I give them what they came to see
Everybody tryna copy
My music and my swagger to the T
Leon Michelle on the caller ID
Cuz Im not no tebo around the block
Everybody such a tebo

Ohhhh Ohhhh O-M-G
I wanna be on GleeRepeat

Wanna be on GleeWanna be-be-be-be-be

I said a mic check mic check
Yes Mr. Murphy this is for you (yeah)
Check the subscribers
The millions of views
Because tge Gleeks want Todrick
Whatchya gonna do
Take me break me out of youtube
Im a star whos starring
Give me some room
Token make me a token
So we can leave them haters
Gagging Choking
Turn up this money
I got none for you
Tell them haters theyve been flushed like a number 2
Got Mercedes in my ride we got things to do
Gotta bruch with Santana and a lunch with Sue
Gotta sit-down with Hardey he too cool to walk
Block blowing up my phone
Click my heels back and forth like
Ryan Murphy sweep me off to the land of Glee

Ohhhh Ohhhh O-M-G
I wanna be on Glee Repeat

Ohhhh Ohhhh O-M-G (yeah)
I wanna be on GleeRepeat

Wanna be on GleeI wannaaa be onnnn
Wannaaa be onnnn
Be onnnnnn


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Todrick Hall

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Todrick Hall

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1 928 392 tekstów, 17 739 poszukiwanych i 284 oczekujących

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